Fractional Yacht Ownership in Croatia

Owning a share of a yacht to utilise for a few weeks a year cruising along Croatia’s splendid Adriatic coast offers hundreds of pristine islands, crystal-clear sea, sandy and pebble beaches, peaceful coves, impressive landscapes, picturesque ports and perfectly preserved medieval towns. So much in such relative proximity!

It still remains one of Europe’s best-preserved historic destinations. Croatia’s historical treasures spring from Illyrian, Roman, Christian, Venetian and Austrian empires, often in pristine condition.

The 300 kilometre Dalmatian coastline is an ideal yachting area – offering more than 1400 islands, many of which are pristine and unspoiled. With hidden coves, olive groves, vineyards and ageless white-stone villages each island has its own special charm and attractions.

Benetti Delfino 93 | Croatia | 1/4 Share | 7 Weeks p.a. | €2m

A quarter share yacht ownership interest provides 50 + days of usage per year on this beautiful Benetti Delfino 93′.
This professional superyacht fractional ownership company provides a financially savvy solution to traditional yacht ownership that is ideal for today’s active lifestyle. Through their innovative programs, one can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing the yacht.

Limited to a maximum of four owners per vessel, this company provides the perfect amount of time to enjoy all the best ports and cruising areas desired. Furthermore, they deliver a true yacht ownership lifestyle with significant acquisition and operating cost saving, complete yacht management, and comprehensive concierge services.

This program provides access to a growing network of like type Benetti yachts so you can enjoy time in the world’s finest yachting destinations throughout the year.

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Princess Flybridge 50 | Croatia | 1/3rd Share | 9 Weeks p.a. | €199,000

Experiencing Croatia on your factionally owned yacht is the best way to discover the magnificent coast and natural beauty.
Explore Croatia’s hidden coves, deserted islands and fantastic waterfalls. With over 1,000 islands to explore, owning a share in a yacht allows you to discover these incredible micro-cultures in luxury and comfort.
Enjoy Croatian cuisine, fresh seafood and fine wines in the many bays around the country. Co-own the Princess 50 with this leading fractional syndicator to experience Croatia from the sea, but with much smaller costs.

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Sunseeker Portofino 47 | Croatia | 1/3 Share | 12 Weeks p.a. | €139,000

A wonderfully located yacht where unspoilt anchorages are still plentiful and prices well below other European standards.

Add a fabulous Sunseeker Portofino 47 into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for yachting nirvana.

This syndicate is extremely experienced and even offers the facility to use her sisterships in other yachting hotspots. Perfect!

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