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Fractional Yacht Ownership in the Western Med

The Western Mediterranean is famed for its glamorous ports where the nightlife often surpasses the rock-star styled fun filled days at anchor.

This region is very much about active lifestyle yachting, where coming back into port at night to enjoy some land based gastronomic delights and a cool vibe in the bars and clubs, is very much the norm for yacht owners.

Fractional yacht owners in the western Med tend to use their yachts more as a floating holiday home than a passage-maker. Fractional ownership therefore works particularly well in these waters as berthing costs tend to be among the highest in the world, and an idle yacht can become restrictively expensive. Through shared ownership, the mooring is in constant use, balancing-out the value proposition.

Yachts in these waters tend to fall into two primary categories:
•    Sleek flybridge yachts designed to offer high occupancy levels of accommodation coupled with ample living space. Sub 60ft yachts often boasting 3 spacious cabins, and over 60ft yachts offering 4 cabins or more. These make ideal holiday-home type fractional yachts, as they are perfectly configured to blend the mix of style and comfort desired.
•    Rapid and purposeful looking open yachts to offer extensive outdoor entertaining areas, very much with day boating in mind. These yachts are ideally suited to fractional ownership when combined with a land based holiday home and often bought by villa owners who would like some time at sea but wish to avoid the costs and hassle of outright yacht ownership.



Yacht controller – for excellent manoeuvrability Huge Flybridge Spacious Bow AreaAir ConditioningGeneratorElectric anchor2 cabins (2 doubles beds)2 WCs

ARK Houseboat Syndicate Information

This is a somewhat unique yacht/floating home in Menorca. Designed to offer her co-owners an island wide experience of waterside living. 

This syndicate is made up of 5 shareholders each enjoying between 10 weeks use a year to find new anchorages and new shoreside experiences each time they visit Menorca.  This is best describes as a 2 bedroom cottage on an ever changing beach. All the comforts of home travel with you as you follow the coastline from one tranquil beach side anchorage to the next dreamy pine-fringed Cala. If waterside relaxation with our the usual on shore crowds is your thing, then is your ideal fix. Her 45 square meter flybridge offer super-yacht style space and her remote control yacht controller unit and rear facing CCTV makes her easier to handle than a small speedboat!There is an even spread of retirees and parents with school age children. This means there is a broad cross-section of preferences regarding the choice of school holidays, and those who prefer to avoid time on board during those periods.


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10 weeks per annum








Volvo Penta




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