Fractional Yacht Ownership in Australia & New Zealand

The waters of Australia & New Zealand offer more variety than virtually any other waters worldwide.

They contrast from Australia’s idyllic Great Barrier Reef to New Zealand’s spectacular Fjords and everything imaginable in between like South Australia 5000km of coastline. It’s quite unique and considerably different from the rest of the country. As well as an extensive shoreline fronting ocean water, South Australia has two gulfs – Spencer and St Vincent – which are essentially vast, shallow inlets. It’s on and around these gulfs that most boating and fishing takes place. SA’s boating facilities are now generally first class. Small, but well-equipped marinas have sprung up in most coastal regional centres and there’s high-quality infrastructure in place for boaters of all persuasions. Further north, the Whitsundays is a group of more than 150 islands and islets surrounded by brilliant turquoise-coloured waters off the sub-tropical central coast between approximately 20° and 21° south latitude. Most of the islands are uninhabited, pristine national parks.

New Zealand is a yachting paradise. Each part of the country offers a range of different fresh and saltwater boating environments. The Bay of Islands in the north is one of the country’s top boating desinations, dotted with islands to explore and full of beautiful snorkelling and diving spots. Situated on Auckland’s doorstep, the Hauraki Gulf contains a number of diverse islands offering calm sandy beaches, rugged wild landscapes and areas dedicated to wildlife conservation. The waters of the Waikato River are perfect for small boats and those who enjoy kayaking, water skiing or exploring. The harbours around the sunny Bay of Plenty in the central North Island provide shelter, sandy beaches and great fishing. As well as sheltered coastal waters, Hawkes Bay offers a variety of rivers and lakes for exploring. Dolphins can sometimes be seen in the area too! Home to New Zealand’s largest lake, Taupo’s typically calm waters are great for kayaking, sailing, watersports and freshwater fishing.


Yachts in Australia & New Zealand

Fairline Targa 53 Open
US$415000 - 12 Weeks p.a.
Australia & New Zealand
16.2 M
Fairline Squadron 48
US$80000 - 60 days + standby
Australia & New Zealand
15.2 M
Maritimo M51
NZ$357000 - 1/6th Share
Australia & New Zealand
16.5 M
Maritimo M59
US$0 - 1/4 Share, 57 days per annum
Australia & New Zealand
19.5 M
Rayglass 3500
NZ$109000 - 1/6th Share
Australia & New Zealand
12.2 M
Rayglass Legend 4000
NZ$110000 - 1/3rd Share
Australia & New Zealand
13.2 M
Monte Fino 80
US$195000 - 1/10th Share, 4 Weeks p.a.
Australia & New Zealand
25.4 M
Aquila 44 Powercat
AU$129000 - 5 weeks p.a.
Australia & New Zealand
13.3 M
Fairline Targa 38
AU$55000 - 8 weeks
Australia & New Zealand
12.13 M
SeaRay 52 Sedan Bridge
AU$120000 - 12 weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
21.90 M
Regal Commodore 3860 - Perth WA
AU$79900 - 1/3rd Share
Australia & New Zealand
11.18 M
Rayglass 2500 - New Zealand - Auckland
NZ$28000 - 1/6th Share , 57 Days per annum
Australia & New Zealand
7.7 M
Fairway 43 Sedan - Sydney NSW
AU$198000 - 12 weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
14.70 M
BAVARIA 360HT - Sydney NSW
AU$46000 - 6 Weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
11.66 M
Fairline Squadron 58 - Fremantle WA
AU$179000 - 12 weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
17.57 M
Caribbean 45 Flybridge Cruiser - Fremantle WA
AU$85000 - 1/3rd Share
Australia & New Zealand
13.70 M
Fairline Targa 48 Open -  Fremantle WA
AU$345000 - 12 weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
15.24 M
Integrity 490GS - Queensland
AU$999000 - 5 Weeks per annum
Australia & New Zealand
14.51 M
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