Fractional Yacht Ownership in Greece & Cyprus

Greece and Cyprus offer almost endless possibilities to discover secluded anchorages, magical bays and timeless coastal towns.

Cyprus offers a contrast of sandy beaches and rocky coves and Greece offers over six thousand very different islands with more than 15,000 kilometres of coastline.

Cruising around the Aegean and Ionian Seas make the Greek archipelago one of the most sought after boating destinations in the world. Each island has its own character and attractions and offers the yachtsmen the opportunity to explore the vast remains of the Roman empire’s history, much delightful cuisine, many secluded ports and its timeless culture.

Yachts in Greece & Cyprus

Custom 115
- 6 Weeks p.a.385000
Greece & Cyprus
35 M
Norseman 770 Sky Lounge
- 1/3 Share, 12 Weeks p.a.£640000
Greece & Cyprus
24.41 M
Amels 132
- 8 Weeks p.a.785000
Greece & Cyprus
38.5 M
Hargrave 100
- 4 weeks p.a.£149000
Greece & Cyprus
31.4 M
Royal Denship
- 1/10th Share, 4 Weeks p.a.US$550000
Greece & Cyprus
29.5 M