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Yacht Share Network is the worlds largest, global, brokerage dedicated to co-owned yachts.  We can now offer an anti-Covid-19 exposure programme which includes seats on a private jet at £985, private transfers and quarantine isolated yachting at dreamy anchorages.





Latest Yachts

Sunseeker 86 – *as NEW* – Cote d’Azur – 6 weeks p.a. – £600,000

Sanlorenzo SX76 – Balearics

Sunreef 80 – World Cruiser

Absolut 60 – Miami

Majesty 120

Horizon FD85 – Côte d’Azur

The world's largest yacht share brokerage

We have 3 teenage lads, and they just didn’t want to come on holiday with us anymore. However, once there was a yacht on offer that suddenly changed. Now they love to come along and we have wonderful family times together. The boys are great company and we have created lots and lots of new family memories that will remain with us forever.

Marc, Tash, Jack, Fynn and Sam

The yacht share idea always appealed to us, finding a professional and reliable syndicate was harder. I am happy to vouch for Yacht Share Network, they are truly the masters of the universe and make it work incredibly well.

J & I Janotte

Boating was never my dream however it was my husband Robert’s ultimate goal in life. Sharing meant we managed to achieve a of this and more with a fraction of the cost. We could still take the children skiing and do all the other things a busy family wants to do. When you see your 7 year old swimming in the sea and in the tender shouting faster whilst laughing and screaming you know that holidays are back to being magical. This has been the making of us as a family thank you so much.

Victoria Harris

I’ve known William for many years and he knew that our boat sat empty in Cannes for most of the time. He suggested we sell some shares instead of just burning cash on moorings and maintenance. Yacht Share Network took her into their fleet and we got ¾ of our capital back. Now we just have ¼ of the running costs, and don’t feel so guilty that we only use the boat about 6 weeks of the year.

Paul & Phil

I have to admit, I probably love boating more than my wife does so buying a boat was unlikely to ever happen. A boat share however… I got the boss to approve, and a happy wife is a happy life lol!

David Thomson

Our best deals

Azimut 60 – Miami

Sunseeker 66 – Mallorca

Sunseeker 76 – Mallorca

Falcon 86

Horizon 70

Sunseeker Manhattan 60

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