Fractional Yacht Ownership in Eastern Med & Adriatic

The eastern Mediterranean is considered to be a little more relaxed than yachting is in the western Mediterranean. Lazy days at anchor and more sleepy ports of call really do make for a relaxing ambience.

That said, if it’s getting a little too mellow for your liking, there’s always a vibrant port to be found within a day’s sailing.
This region is more about overnight anchorages or coastal cruises with occasional nights in ever varying ports. One often moors up stern-to, right in what feels like the centre of town, where one can dine just over the road from ones yacht.

Many aspects of yachting come at a lower cost here compared to the French Riviera and Balearics. Be it mooring fees, land based activities or food and drink. It’s a very refreshing environment, especially for those fractional yacht owners who have flown in from northern Europe where everyday costs are are simply higher.

It really is a slower pace of life in the eastern Med, coupled with a lower cost of living. Add to that a longer season with balmy weather and a share in a yacht here seems a very sensible proposition.

Yachts in Eastern Med & Adriatic

Okean 80
- 12 weeks p.a.995,000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
23.9m M
2020 Benetti Delfino 95
- 1/4 share with 6 weeks p.a. on board2,398,000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
30.2m M
Custom 115
- 6 Weeks p.a.385000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
35 M
Benetti Classic Supreme 132
- 1/4 Share, 7 Weeks p.a.4500000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
39.5 M
Norseman 770 Sky Lounge
- 1/3 Share, 12 Weeks p.a.£640000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
24.41 M
Amels 132
- 8 Weeks p.a.785000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
38.5 M
Hargrave 100
- 4 weeks p.a.£149000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
31.4 M
Royal Denship
- 1/10th Share, 4 Weeks p.a.US$550000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
29.5 M
Benetti Delfino 93
- 6 Weeks p.a.1400000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
28.50 M
Princess Flybridge 50
- 1/3rd Share, 9 Weeks p.a.199000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
15 M
Sunseeker Portofino 47
- 1/3 Share, 12 Weeks p.a.139000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
14.95 M
Azimut 62 Fly
- 6 Weeks p.a.129000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
17.85 M
Ferretti 830
- 6 Weeks p.a.750000
Eastern Med & Adriatic
25.10 M