Celebrate life with the ones you love by exploring the opportunities that private yachts offer for travel this summer and beyond.

With the cruising grounds generally being less busy than before, why not consider owning a share in a yacht, where your own socially isolated environment can continue to keep everybody safe. Additionally, our sister company, Jet Share Network, experts in co-ownership private aviation, can get you to your yacht for a totally stress-free, safe, hygienic aviation experience at costs far below the open market charter rate.

Our Yachts are a private and hygienic option for exploring the best yachting hotspots and dreamy anchorages around the world. In addition to their already rigorous cleaning standards, our fleet of yachts are continually putting in place the latest cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

With no traceable cases from salt water, a steriliser in itself and scientific backing of much lower risk of transmission outdoors than indoors, being onboard a yacht in the sunshine is as good as it can get for low risk holidays.

There are a few steps together we can all take to even further reduce any risk onboard during your week with us and keeping you as safe or safer than at home. These are:


Hand sanitizer at every instance you board the yacht from the shore.

Social Distancing

We ask you implement social distancing when ashore.

Travelling to and from your yacht

If at any time, you feel unwell with any Covid-19 symptom, our yacht medical equipment includes medical grade masks for everyone if required.  You should make any suspected symptom known immediately and your skipper will supply a medical mask and implement the review phase which will go on to include testing for any suspect case.

3rd Parties

We already have an embedded quality control process for 3rd parties who board our vessels for maintenance or servicing to ensure anyone we recommend has been checked by our staff and are compliant with safety measures as well as giving you a quality experience.  Covid-19 compliance has simply been added to the checklist we carry out of each provider we use.

Our aim is to make sure time on board your co-ownership yacht is as safe as simply carrying on your normal life at home.

You can be sure the environment onboard is as safe as possible and the small additional hygiene measures that we have bought in are there to give you the assurance to carry on having a great experience through Yacht Share Network.