Fractional Yacht Ownership in Thailand

The Andaman Sea is one of the most photogenic seas on the planet. We’ve all see the images of James Bond’s mini mountain islands emerging from these emerald seas.

Likewise, movies such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” have further immortalised the many scenic Kohs of Thailand and Phuket’s surrounding waters.

It’s no surprise that there are now an abundance of marinas on Phuket. Many yachts have sailed these waters intending to pass though but have simply stayed and their skippers have simply based their yachts in the new marinas. When you’ve reached paradise there seems little point on seeking new horizons.

Yachts in Thailand

Galeon 460 Fly
- 1/4 Share165000
14.5 M
SiamCat 32
- 1/6th Share£45000
9.8 M
Numarine 105HT - Thailand - Phuket
- 1/4 Share1100000
32.50 M
Sunseeker Manhattan 64 | Thailand
- 6 weeks annual ownership€65,000
20.00 M