As the global leader in yacht co-ownership, it is incredibly important to us to champion environmental consciousness among our yacht share owners as well as within the industry at large. Here is how we contribute to the health of our oceans:

Multiple yacht owners spread the environmental cost

Our yachts each have an average of six owners, so each owner is responsible for just a sixth of the materials and energy required to build a brand new yacht.

If every co-owner bought their own yacht, the picture would be very different. As it is, just a sixth of the berthing space is needed, which means less coastal marina development, which is in turn great for the oceans.

Modern yacht engines are more noise and vibration efficient than ever

Because noise and vibrations can damage the hearing of sea creatures as well as disrupt their ability to know where they are and find each other, it’s good to know that today’s marine engines are increasingly noise and vibration-free. Many of our yachts feature cutting-edge MAN engines, the brand that supplies dual fuel engines for the world’s most environmentally friendly container ships.

Championing a plastic-free future

As a business we champion the avoidance of plastics on board, vital when we all know the terrible impact that vast amounts of waste plastic is having on the oceans and seas, and the creatures that live in them. We only use environmentally friendly products throughout our fleet of yachts, which means yacht sharing with us comes with a clearer conscience than most.

Sea cleaning and rubbish gathering is part of the deal

We’re proud of our innovative sea-cleaning-rubbish-gathering requirement, which asks fractional yacht owners to fish three items of rubbish every day out of the water. This quickly adds up, and many of our co-owners do a lot more than the minimum to clear the water of rubbish.

Used and new yachts to share

We don’t always insist on brand new boats for sharing. For example the stunning Feadship De Vries 112, based in the South of France, was custom built in 1979, refitted in 2010 and again in 2014. As a result she has no ‘new build’ environmental impact at all.

Playing your part in the ocean conservation equation

The yachts we offer for fractional ownership are one thing. As a co-owner you can also take responsibility for conserving the oceans while you’re out there enjoying the wonder of it all. Our co-owners love the waters as much as we do, and they take great care to make the least possible impact on nature on every voyage.