Fractional Yacht Ownership in Dubai

Those with sun-soaked yachting in mind can head to the Palm Islands, the three largest artificial landmasses of their kind.

The Palm Jumeirah is 5km square and will be able to accommodate 250,000 people and is composed of the three parts: The Trunk, which is for residences, shopping and tourism, The Fronds, which are for beachfront residences and The Crescent, which serves as a beautiful breakwater for the Trunk and the Fronds.

Alternately sail to downtown Dubai which is a great place to cruise through by yacht, heading through the famous creek to watch the water traffic of traditional wooden dhows, one has to slow to the pace of their sedate owners, famed for smoking flavoured tobacco known as sheesha.

Yachts in Dubai

Nomad 75 SUV
- 6 Weeks p.a.US$475,000
22.86m M
Prestige 500
- 1/3 share, 8 Weeks p.a.US$200000
15.20 M
Leopard 51 Catamaran
- 15% Share, 40 Days p.a.US$125000
14.96 M