How do I Syndicate my Yacht?

Yacht fraction syndicates are what we do. Nothing else! We look forward to representing existing syndicate yachts, be they established with just an individual share to sell, or new to market seeking a full compliment of new shareholders.

We are happy to act on a no-sale-no-fee basis for both, commercial syndicators who have one or more shares for sale, or private individuals who own their existing share which they now wish to sell on.

Syndicate Focus
A single-minded approach to the best practice in fractioning yachts is the key to our success. We have no conflicts of interests and no competitor rivalry to sway us from our path of total transparency and complete integrity in all our dealings.

Market Intelligence
Being at the forefront of fractional yacht ownership, we are able to correlate a constant stream of differing statistics to keep our fingers on the pulse on all relevant marine industry and yacht syndicate trends.

Marketing Powerhouse
Being the yacht fraction industry’s most renowned and respected network for yacht syndicates, our strong and intelligent marketing campaigns are well received by a worldwide audience of buyers and sellers.

Brokerage Database
Having modern systems on hand, extremely sophisticated CRM solutions in place and a vast database of contacts, we have developed a strong network of buyers, sellers and new syndicates coming to market.

Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Exposure
Our comprehensive digital platform provides intelligent online networking, to highlight and promote syndicated yachts in today’s very competitive digital marketplace, where creating a presence requires constant exposure and innovation.

Yachting Capitals
Our brokerage representation is located in the yachting capitals of the world. Our primary offices are located in Ft Lauderdale, Cannes, Malta and Palma, considered to be Global yachting epicentres.

We believe that we add real value to any fractional yacht syndicate, by structuring it in a more professional manner, enhancing its exposure online and through our international personal representation.