Fractional Yacht Ownership in the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera exudes the very best of Italy being old world charm coupled with picture perfect ports tucked under this mountainous Mediterranean coast.

World renowned Italian cuisine and a friendly relaxed pace with seemingly unlimited hideaways make these seas the perfect location for getting away from it all yachting.

This coast is much less developed than the French Riviera and many boaters feel that the Ligurian Coast is an even better a yachting destination than its more famous French Riviera neighbour. Many itineraries are based on visiting beautiful town after beautiful town, each painted with the traditional orange and red facades, with an attractive church steeple above the town, with mountains behind, and a bustling port at your feet offering fine dining in a relaxed setting.

The Ligurian Coast stretches from France through the historic port of Genoa, and along the scenic mountainous coast including the very famous towns of Portofino, Camogli, San Rocco and the Cinque Terre.


Yachts in Italian Riviera

Horizon FD85 Italian Riviera
440000 - 4 weeks per annum
Italian Riviera
26.07 M
Grand Banks 84
£110000 - 1/5 Share, 10 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
24.8 M
Fairline Squadron 42
£99000 - 1/3 Share
Italian Riviera
12.62 M
Sanlorenzo SL104
£0 - 12 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
32.15 M
Cantieri Navali 41m
350000 - 1/8th Share, 6 weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
41 M
Ferretti Custom Line 97
3500000 - 1/2 Share, 20 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
30 M
Cantieri di Pisa - Akhir 108
790000 - 1/10th Share, 4 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
30 M
Sunseeker 86
£445000 - 6 weeks per annum
Italian Riviera
27.5 M
Benetti Mediterraneo 116
3250000 - 1/4 Share, 7 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
35.5 M
Falcon 86
£150000 - 6 weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
26.21 M
Princess 61
£50000 - 8 Weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
18.77 M
Benetti Tradition 101
£750000 - 12 weeks p.a.
Italian Riviera
30.2 M
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