Fractional Yacht Ownership in Washington

Anacortes, the “Gateway to the San Juan Islands”!

For centuries the call of the San Juan Islands has lured adventurous mariners seeking a special place. Long before Spanish and English sailors explored this vast myriad of islands, Native Americans plied the straights in their canoes as they traded, raided and gathered seafood.

The San Juan Islands are comprised of hundreds of islands ranging from small rocky outcrops to large forest-clad and mountainous masses. The waters are rich with seafood… salmon, rockfish, scallops, Dungeness crab, mussels and clams. Wildlife abounds on the land and in the sea. You’re just as likely to encounter tiny squirrels, deer and migratory birds as you are to see seals, sea lions and whales.

Have you ever seen a whale breach, heard the whoosh of air exhaling through its blowhole or been amazed by the sheer beauty of a pod of Orcas gliding through glassy waters? If you own a fractional yacht in these waters you soon will!

Yachts in Washington

Aspen PowerCat
- 1/8th ShareUS$27900
9.4 M
Absolute 50 Fly
- 60 Days p.a.US$450,000
15.6 M