Fractional Yacht Ownership in Ibiza

Yacht Share Network’s Ibiza programme is run in conjunction with our Mallorca hub. Most of our yachts in Ibiza return to Palma during the off season as there more to do during the winter months there.

During the season yachting in Ibiza and Formentera are truly considered to be the most spectacular waters in the western med. Formentera is famed for its turquoise, picture postcard Caribbean style beaches and Ibiza alone has over 70, tranquil and relatively unexploited anchoring bays often with unpopulated sandy beaches. In the north and west of the island you can find stunning cliff lined coves offering many more idyllic bays that offer secure anchorages. In the historic town of Ibiza you will be able to find a huge cross section of restaurants to suit every pallet, with an abundance cafés, boutiques a world class choice entertainment venues.

Yachts in Ibiza