Fractional Yacht Ownership in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is rightly referred to as a yachting paradise. No other yachting destination can offer the range of beautiful islands and crystal clear waters than the islands of the Caribbean Sea. The waters are truly idyllic, the sights picture postcard perfect, and the variety of activities are endless, providing the perfect adventure and holiday on the water.

The islands themselves differ considerably, however they all offer beautiful and sheltered anchorages, palm trees, excellent marine life, and fine white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Famed islands like the Virgin Islands, St Barths, Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia, St Martin and the Grenadines are all synonymous with palm trees, sandy beaches and great yachting! The character of the local people likewise varies from the charming and unspoiled modest Dominican, to the well-to-do and modern French of Martinique.

One of the key aspects of being on Caribbean Islands is to “Chill” and adopt the principle of “Island Time” enjoying the easy-going and relaxed way of life in these tropical islands.

Hargrave 125 | Caribbean | 1/10th Share | 4 Weeks p.a. | $1,2m

A lot of thought went into Gigi II before the first fiberglass was laid.

From the raised-pilothouse configuration to the all-king guest staterooms, it’s clear this Hargrave wanted to up the ante on both sensory-oriented and sensible solutions.

Fractional yacht owners looking for a family orientated superyacht that is somehow intimate rather than aimed at having a high occupancy layout will find they don’t have many choices in the 100-foot plus size range. This yacht has exceptionally large staterooms throughout and give every guest a true sense of luxury. The syndicate is managed by the world’s leading fractional yacht management company and is a member of the Fractional Association.

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Ferretti Custom Line 112 | Caribbean | 1/10th Share | 4 Weeks p.a. | $1,4m

With the elegant curves characteristic of Ferretti Custom Line yachts, this fractionally syndicated yacht is a visually striking yacht with a striking financial opportunity of part ownership.

With a length of 34 meters and a beam of more than 7 meters, this yacht is very spacious in every respect. The excellent cabins benefit from large windows, and the saloon and dinning area offer generous living areas. The spacious interiors coupled with the very high quality finish leave the guests in no doubt they on board a very special yacht. The large flybridge, and the stern platform created when the garage door is opened, offer great areas for everyone on board to enjoy life by the sea.

Syndicated by the world’s leading fractional yacht company, this is a world class proposition all round.

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Monte Fino 80 | Bahamas | 1/10th Share | 4 Weeks p.a. | $300,000

This total luxury MonteFino 80 motor yacht is a great choice for syndication covering the Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Martin, France Caribbean, Netherlands Antilles, Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St. Lucia, and many other Caribbean jewels.

A great yacht to share in an ever varying location to keep each individual vacation on board interesting.

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Westport 106 | Caribbean | 1/4 Share | 12 Weeks p.a. | $1.2m

This is a classic superyacht which has been kept up to date over the years and still looks relevant in design and style.

The syndicate is run by the world’s leading fractional yacht ownership management company and has been established for many years. This is a re-sale of an existing share as one owner has reluctantly decided to leave her.

Her 3 staterooms are particularly spacious and she really is a gracious lady cruising the Caribbean seas.

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Leopard 88 |Caribbean & Bahamas | 1/3 Share | 12 Weeks p.a. | €495,000

This gorgeous yacht, is ideally suited to balmy Caribbean yachting, exceedingly spacious outdoor living is what this yacht is all about.

With her Gold hull she really is a head turner and a true outdoor-life maximiser, with a solid quality feel to every aspect of her design.

Run by a professional crew with the back up of an even more experienced syndicator, this is a class act from every aspect.

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