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Fractional Yacht Ownership in Thailand

The Andaman Sea is one of the most photogenic seas on the planet. We’ve all see the images of James Bond’s mini mountain islands emerging from these emerald seas.

Likewise, movies such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” have further immortalised the many scenic Kohs of Thailand and Phuket’s surrounding waters.

It’s no surprise that there are now an abundance of marinas on Phuket. Many yachts have sailed these waters intending to pass though but have simply stayed and their skippers have simply based their yachts in the new marinas. When you’ve reached paradise there seems little point on seeking new horizons.


Maximum design speed: 32 litres Recommended cruising speed: 20 litres Fuel tankage: 2x 300 litres Water tankage: 2x 150 litres


Crew: 2 Guests: up to 10

SiamCat 32 Syndicate Information

This syndicate is being established by the yacht builder itself. It’s a great opportunity to avail oneself of a highly discounted boat-show promotional vessel that is being specified with every conceivable extra to become the flagship demonstrator. She will be based in Phuket and is specifically designed to be ideally suited to those beautiful seas.

The syndicate will be a Platinum Member of the Fractional Association which ensures that it’s run professionally under the Fractional Association’s framework and standards. The fact that the yacht manufacturer will hold a share coupled with their adherence to the Fractional Association’s rules and regulations makes this a particularly robust proposition.

Successful design studio Albatross Marine Design has developed the new AB32 power cat as a budget coastal all round weekender, perfect for a family or for running a small charter business.

The result is an exceptional design, including large spaces and facilities normally only found in larger and more expensive catamarans of 35-40 ft range. This power cat is stable ,reliable and is able to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

The feature of the hull shape: it enables twin 200HP engines to be installed. The boat’s hull is optimized for a range of semi-planning speeds 17-34 kts but can be used successfully at planning speeds.

Measures have been taken to provide softness of ride and minimisation of wave/spray making by increased deadrise in the front half of bottom, spray-rails and chine flats profile. The boat tested with twin FNM HPE 200 diesels with shaft drives makes easily 30 kts of speed at full load condition (version D heavyweight finished and full optional boat) in a rough condition of sea with waves and wind, demonstrating very good performance and comfort in seaway

This is a successful result of a detailed analysis of resistance speed that has been performed using different methods. Methods for monohulls known as Groot (semi displacement) and Savitski (planning) were applied adding hull interaction factors from Muler Graf and Doubrovski. Methods of resistance prediction for catamarans developed by Molland (round bilge) and Australian Maritime College (sharp chine) have been used.

An important feature of this design is the shallow draft of AB32 that enables operation in shallow areas and makes picturesque islands and remote beaches easily accessible. The boat can be beached during tide P-brackets are studied to protect the propellers, also from fishing nets and floating debris.
This really is a great yacht and a great syndicate for those seeking some intermittent yachting in Thailand.





8 weeks p.a.








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