Aquilla 44 – Miami/Bahamas winter & Hamptons/Newport/Nantucket summer

Fractional Yacht Ownership in Miami & Ft Lauderdale

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are located in southern Florida and have become one of the USA’s premier yachting destinations.

The Intercostal Waterway is affectionately known as the ‘Venice of the Americas’ due to the many scenic inland waterways with their array of multi-millionaire homes, the New River and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find a myriad of waterways, fine dining and unrivalled golden beaches by day and at night one can get stuck into the Miami lifestyle, where the atmosphere is as chilled as the drinks.

Thanks to its easy water access, Fort Lauderdale is considered one of the biggest yachting capitals of the world.
Life in this city is highlighted by its wonderful semi-tropical climate, seven miles of beautiful white beaches and plenty of great diving opportunities. The city is blessed with over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year!


The Management commits to providing a monthly account statement of the co-ownership account and managing the vessel with complete transparency. The annual reserve of $36,000 will be used to handle potential cost fluctuations, as well as to facilitate long-term repairs and improvements.

Subject to the vessel manager’s authorization, any surplus exceeding $108,000 accumulated in the bank account may be reimbursed to the co-owners in proportion to their ownership shares.

In the event of a co-owners share sale, the new purchaser will be required to contribute to the common fund at the level of their predecessor.

Each co-owner will be required to provide a credit card to the manager to cover specific

expenses associated with their usage, such as maintenance, pumping of wastewater, fuel, as

well as other maintenance or repair costs not conducted or paid by the co-owner themselves, if applicable.


Monthly ($CAN)

Annual ($CAN)







Maintenance aesthetic 



Maintenance mechanical



Reserve fund

Any surplus amount exceeding $108,000 will be redistributed amongthe co-owners based on the number of shares they hold.



Management fees

Management fees will be indexed according to the increase in theConsumer Price Index (CPI).






Co-owner cost for 8-week share

Canadian $2000.00

Canadian $24000.00

Calendar selection, usage, and locations

Each co-owner has, initially, access to 8 weeks of annual usage. Week reservations are made directly online by the coowner,

who can reserve a limited number of weeks per quarter. Reservations for weeks can be made up to a year in advance with the quarterly limitation, and any reservation within the next 90 days can be made without restrictions. If a reservation exceeds the number of weeks a coowner is entitled to, an amount equivalent to maintenance fees, proportionate to the number of weeks, must

be paid into the co-ownership account.

In order to maximize availability and facilitate vessel maintenance, one week of usage is

calculated from Friday at 11:00 AM (possession) to Thursday at 3:00 PM (return of the vessel).

The vessel will be primarily docked in north Miami Beach Florida, but co-owners can suggest other docking ports bycontacting the manager or using their online account access. During the summer months she will travel north with co-owners having input each year to her exact intinerary.

Co-Ownership Acquisition Program for an Aquila 44 Yacht

The vessel will be registered with Transport Canada so will not be available to US residents.

The syndicate will consist of 6x 8 week shareholders with the management company holding 4 servce weeks and act as an administrative co-owner, with the right of first refusal on any decision affecting the management and/or maintenance of the vessel.

Specification & Equipment

For maximum comfort, this vessel is equipped with the following options:

• Configuration with 3 cabins, including a master stateroom midships forward.

• Bow Sun Pad

• Additional fuel tank (capacity of 1350 liters)

• 2 additional water tanks concealed in the forward storages

• An 11 KWH generator

• A bow thruster

• 2 refrigerators and an inside freezer

• Cooler and ice maker on the upper deck

• Set of underwater lights

• Water desalinator (water maker)

• An internet access device via satellite is installed, providing continuous connectivity for

your entertainment as well as data sharing between the vessel and the manager.

• A console-equipped auxiliary vessel (Dinghy) is installed at the rear to facilitate short distance travels.

• “2 paddleboards”

• 6 complete towel sets, including washcloths, towels, and bath mats; an external cleaning

service will perform the exchange after each user change.

• 6 beach towels; an external cleaning service will perform the exchange after each user change.

• Complete bedding for the 4 beds; an external cleaning service will perform the exchange

at each user change.

• Set of 8 complete place settings (plates and cutlery).

• Complete unbreakable glassware set.

• Complete unbreakable glassware set, including:

• Two customized and pad locked storage chests will be provided for storing some of your

personal belongings.

• The boat will remain a member of the SeaTow towing service to provide increased peace

of mind.

• The complete set of safety accessories required by regulations.

Rules of Use and General Provisions

This syndicate will be run by a professional yacht agent for Aquilla based in Canada who are very familiar with the brand and vessel details.

• The commercial use or subleasing to third parties is strictly prohibited.

• The co-owners commit to filling out a logbook after each
period of use on the yacht’s app.

• Major decisions that could potentially affect the proper functioning of the vessel require the unanimous agreement of the co-owners. Each co-owner has one vote, regardless of the number of shares they hold.

• Co-owners must be approved by the insurer and provide a sailing resume. (The insurer may impose different conditions for each co-owner based on their level of knowledge and experience and may require a captain).

• The co-owner must confirm acceptance of the requirements set by the insurer before finalising the acquisition of their shares.

• A copy of the insurance policy will be sent to all co-owners, who must annually vote by majority to confirm the renewal of this insurance.

• Co-owners commit not to engage the services of a broker or dealer other than the manager of the yacht.
In the event that the manager is given the mandate to sell a co-owner’s shares, a commission of 10% will be applied. (However, co-owners have the option to sell directly to a third party without the intervention of a broker or list their shares for sale).

• None of the parties can assign, sell, or transfer their rights without the unanimous consent of the other co-owners which cannot be unreasonably withheld. In the event of a resale, the other co-owners have the right of first refusal.

• The co-owners can add qualified captains for navigation. These individuals must, like the co-owners, have been previously authorised by the insurer.
• An official syndicate agreement document called “Joint Ownership Agreement” must be signed by all co-owners.



44 Power


8 weeks a year

US $ 18,000





3 Cabins - (owner's midships!)


Volvo Penta




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