Riviera 42 Convertible
Costa Rica

Fractional Yacht Ownership in Costa Rica

The calm waters around the Los Suenos Marina and the short travel time to the fishing grounds here prove to be just two of the many benefits of having a fractional yacht based in this region.

While many fishermen have traveled hours in the rough coastal waters of the eastern and western United States to reach the fishing grounds, only the fishermen who have fished the beautiful Pacific waters of central Costa Rica sportfishing know about the “best kept secret” of the sportfishing world!

The mainland of the country runs from the northwest to the southeast and provides a cover from high winds and makes for extremely calm waters in the fishing grounds and the average travel time from our docks to the fishing grounds is just over an hour in most instances.  So one can forget about long rough rides.  From Los Suenos one gets there quickly so there tends to be more fishing time and less travel time in waters that are more reminiscent of a lake rather than this fish stocked ocean.

And while having your fractional yacht based here and repeatedly experiencing sportfishing trips of a lifetime, the family can enjoy the rest of the amenities offered in Costa Rica and at the Los Suenos Resort & Marina.


Fresh Water Tanks: (119 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (476 Gallons)


Number of single berths: 2 Number of double berths: 2 Number of cabins: 2 Number of bathrooms: 2

Riviera 42 Convertible Syndicate Information

This syndicate operator is the local yacht broker for this brand and operates a few fishing yachts under shared syndication.

It was started in 1999 at the Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Costa Rica by retired 747 Captain, Eric Landon. As a part time resident of Costa Rica and avid boater, he created the program with insights from the fractional jet and vacation home industries. There was an opportunity to reduce both the upfront capital required for the boat purchase and the operational expenses by sharing it with partners. The first boat was Alas Del Mar a 36 Riviera Yacht Flybridge Convertible which was sold at the end of the 5 year term and a replaced with this 42 Riviera Yacht.

A very capable & friendly operation ideal for those that regularly fish these waters.



42 Convertible


12 Weeks (84 Days)









C9 575hp



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