Boat Share – Your Gateway to the Wonders of the World’s Oceans

If you’ve seen the latest series of David Attenborough’s legendary TV hit Blue Planet, you’ll know it’s all about the world’s seas and oceans. Remarkably, while two-thirds of our planet’s surface is covered in water, we know less about their depths than we do about the surface of the moon. As we write, it’s the most-watched TV programme of 2017, and it admirably illustrates humans’ fascination with the mysterious, magical deep.

It also hints at why people love sailing. On board a yacht you’re free from all the usual concerns that affect you as a landlubber. Your troubles float away, suddenly insignificant in the face of the majestic waves, the endless seascapes, the distant land masses, the occasional seafaring bird or pod of dolphins, a flock of flying fish or a passing whale casting its vast shadow.

Then there are the scents of the sea:  crusty, piquant salt. Fresh winds, sneaky breezes and violent gales, all bearing the unmistakable scent of distant dry land. Briny fish, sargassum, rich brown kelp and mineral-rich sea spray. And the symphony of scent your sun-warmed skin gives off, unique to spending time outdoors and enhanced by the reflective nature of the water.

The seas and oceans come with plenty of danger too. It’s the real thing, and it adds an extra edge to an already-thrilling experience. No matter how large or well equipped your yacht, how experienced the captain and crew, how balmy the conditions may seem, the water can turn against you in an instant. And that, for many, is one of the biggest attractions of all.

Yachting made affordable

All this excitement has long been the preserve of the super-rich, or at least the very wealthy. Not many of us can afford to buy a yacht outright, never mind berth it, maintain it, provision, insure, fuel and crew it on our own. Luckily the whole wonderful, unforgettable yachting experience can be yours even if your bank balance is considerably less healthy than the famously privileged one percent.

If you love nothing better than spending time on the ocean wave in a beautiful, well equipped yacht, boat sharing could be the perfect solution. Boat share is an increasingly popular way to indulge your passion for the salty stuff, and it opens up all sorts of opportunities for adventure and enjoyment on board a luxurious craft that you’d otherwise have little chance of experiencing.

Yacht share makes dreams come true

The wind in your hair. The sun lowering on the horizon. A tasty meal underway in the galley and a bottle of something lovely and chilled on the table. A plan to visit exotic destinations. The opportunity to wholly, totally relax and leave your everyday cares far behind. Plus the chance to operate the craft yourself, getting to grips with the fantastic high tech kit that’s a given in modern boats. All this can be yours thanks to boat sharing. And we have a huge variety of boat shares for sale.

Africa and the Seychelles, the Americas and Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, the eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic, the western Mediterranean, and the Middle East & Asia… they’re all on your horizon with boat share. If life on the open seas appeals to you, do yourself a favour and think about sharing the costs of owning a craft with a dedicated group of like-minded people. The bluest, most fascinating parts of our beautiful blue planet are waiting for you!

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