Boat Share – Your Gateway to the Wonders of the World’s Oceans

If you’ve seen David Attenborough’s legendary TV series Blue Planet, you’ll know it’s all about the world’s seas and oceans. Remarkably, while two-thirds of our planet’s surface is covered in water, we know less about their depths than we do about the surface of the moon. No wonder humans have been so fascinated, for so long, by the mysterious, magical deep. And no wonder so many of us adore sailing. 

On board a yacht you’re free from all the usual concerns that affect you as a landlubber. Your troubles float away, suddenly insignificant in the face of the majestic waves, the endless seascapes, the distant land masses, the occasional seafaring bird or pod of dolphins, a flock of flying fish or a passing whale casting its vast shadow.

Then there are the scents of the sea: crusty, piquant salt. Fresh winds, sneaky breezes and violent gales, all bearing the unmistakable scent of distant dry land. Briny fish, sargassum, rich brown kelp and mineral-rich sea spray. And the symphony of scent given off by your sun-warmed skin, a fragrance unique to spending time outdoors and enhanced by the reflective nature of the water.

The seas and oceans come with plenty of danger too. It’s the real thing, and it adds an extra edge to an already-thrilling experience. No matter how large or well equipped your yacht, how experienced the captain and crew, how balmy the conditions may seem, the water can turn against you in an instant. And that, for many, is one of the biggest attractions of all. Having said that, many of our yacht share syndicators spend much of their time floating off the coast or anchored close to beautiful islands, going onshore to explore attractions and enjoy entertainment. Whatever your boating style, fractional boat sharing lets you experience the world’s seas and oceans in luxury, at leisure.  

Yachting made affordable

All this excitement has long been the preserve of the super-rich, or at least the very wealthy. Not many of us can afford to buy a yacht outright, never mind berth it, maintain it, provision, insure, fuel and crew it on our own. Luckily the whole wonderful, unforgettable yachting experience can be yours even if your bank balance is considerably less healthy than the famously privileged one percent.

If you love nothing better than spending time on the ocean wave in a beautiful, well-equipped yacht, boat sharing could be the perfect solution. Boat share is an increasingly popular way to indulge your passion for the salty stuff, and it opens up all sorts of opportunities for adventure and enjoyment onboard a luxurious craft that you’d otherwise have less chance of experiencing.

Yacht share makes dreams come true

The wind in your hair. The sun lowering on the horizon. A tasty meal underway in the galley and a bottle of something lovely and chilled on the table. A plan to visit exotic destinations. The opportunity to wholly, totally relax and leave your everyday cares far behind. Plus the chance to operate the craft yourself, getting to grips with the fantastic high tech kit that’s a given in modern boats. All this can be yours thanks to boat sharing. And we have a huge variety of boat shares available for syndication. 

Africa and the Seychelles, the Americas and Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, the eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic, the western Mediterranean, and the Middle East & Asia… they’re all on your horizon with boat share. If life on the open seas appeals to you, do yourself a favour and think about sharing the costs of owning a craft with a dedicated group of like-minded people. The bluest, most fascinating parts of our beautiful blue planet are waiting for you!

Here’s what some of the world’s best-loved waters have on offer for the fast-growing yacht share community. 

The Mediterranean Sea – Magical destinations at every turn

The Mediterranean Sea is almost completely landlocked, connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the slim Strait of Gibraltar. Surrounded by the glorious Mediterranean Basin there’s Western Europe, Southern Europe and Anatolia to the north, North Africa to the south and the Levant to the east. 

The Med gives you access to Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. It makes Albania accessible along with Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The sea contains the island nations of Malta and Cyprus, and Gibraltar, Akrotiri and Dhekelia all have Mediterranean coastlines. 

As you can see, the Med gives you access to a dazzling variety of different countries, each with its own unique culture for you to explore and many being prime holiday destinations. And the weather on the Mediterranean is famously good on and off the water, characterised by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.  

The Persian Gulf – Destination Western Asia

A jewel of western Asia, the Persian Gulf is an extension of the Indian Ocean accessed via the Strait of Hormuz, between Iran to the north east and the Arabian Peninsula to the south west. The mighty Shatt al-Arab river delta makes up the north west shore. It’s hot and dry all year round, a beautiful climate for sun-lovers. 

Off the beaten track, Bandar Abbas lies on the southern coast of Iran, a gorgeous little fishing village with vibrant markets and live music. The waters are calm, the seafood delicious, and the locals colourful. The  village is the gateway to the stunning nearby islands of Qeshm, Hengam – where you can swim with dolphins – and Hormoz. For supreme shopping, astonishingly good international cuisine and the ultimate in luxury at every turn, visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

The Indian Ocean – Your gateway to South Africa and the Seychelles 

The Indian Ocean is the third biggest ocean, bordered by Asia to the north, Africa to the west and Australia to the east. To the south you’ll find the chilly Southern Ocean and Antarctica. It provides access to the luxury tropical holiday destinations the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka… all of which are incredibly beautiful. Steaming hot weather, pristine blue seas, it’s all laid out like a jewel for you to discover at your own pace. 

The Caribbean Sea – Hundreds of exotic islands

The Caribbean Sea is set like a jewel in the tropics of the Western Hemisphere, bordered by Mexico and Central America to the west and south west, the Greater Antilles to the north – including Cuba – and the east by the Lesser Antilles. Go south and you’ll find the north coast of South America. 

The Caribbean also just happens to be a paradise for yachting. Crystal clear waters, extraordinarily lovely beaches, the chilled lifestyle, all this makes the countless islands of the Caribbean highly desirable destinations. You’ll fall hook, line and sinker for Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, The Dominican Republic, Guadelupe, Martinique, St Martin, Grenada, Honduras, Jamaica and more, each tiny nation split into numerous islands you’ll adore exploring.  

The Pacific Ocean – From the Americas to Australia  

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest and deepest on the planet, extending from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south. It’s bordered by Asia and Australia to the west, and the Americas to the east. Australia herself is surrounded by the Pacific, Southern and Indian oceans as well as the Timor, Tasman and Coral Seas. 

The islands of the Pacific offer sparkling blue waters and sandy, palm tree-lined beaches plus luxury resorts and fabulous cuisine. Micronesia and Tahiti, French Polynesia and remote Lord Howe island in the Tasman Sea, they’re all uniquely lovely. Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji, Tongs and the Cook Islands are remarkable, each unforgettable. And Australia itself offers everything you could desire in the way of relaxation, adventure, and fun.  

Then there’s fractional yacht ownership in Canada, cruising the dramatic Pacific North West. This offers you the delights of unique yachting around Desolation Sound, The Gulf Islands And Victoria, The Queen Charlottes and Haida Gwaii, the San Juan Islands, Seattle, Alaska and the magical Inside Passage.  

The South China Sea – Fascinating and varied 

The South China Sea is in the Western Pacific, bordered by South China to the north, the Indochinese Peninsula to the west, the islands of Taiwan and north west Philippines to the east, and Borneo, eastern Sumatra and the Bangka Belitung Islands to the south. 

The South China Sea’s beach resorts are superb, and some provide the ultimate in luxury. Con Dao, just off the coast of Vietnam was once a prison, now it’s an exclusive island destination as well as a protected marine park.  Remote Phu Quy island comes with minimal facilities, loved for being so hard to reach.  Hon Tre island, off the coast of Nha Trang city, is one great big beautiful resort with excellent facilities. And Whale Island is, of course, where you can spot mighty whales and whale sharks, including a world-class National Geographic diving centre. 

Yacht share to discover the world 

Every one of our wonderful craft gives you access to an amazing suite of destinations and routes designed to delight. And because it’s all about sharing, you can fall in love with the world’s seas and oceans at a fair price with all the convenience boat sharing brings. Which of the planet’s seas and oceans would you like to explore in a stunning luxury yacht?