Brilliant Boat Share Adventures – Destination Ephesus

The warm, tideless waters of the Mediterranean pilotage is usually very easy to handle. In many areas the cruising season never really ends, and the Eastern Mediterranean is a treasure trove of seagoing delights. There are stunning blue waters, the summer weather is wonderful, the coastline is studded with marvels, from Hydra to Samos, Marmaris to Lesbos, and of course the remarkable port city of Ephesus. If your boat share adventures take you in that direction, what can you expect?

About the Turkish port city of Ephesus

The ancient city of Ephesus sits on a bend in the Cayster River that was eventually hollowed out to form a full harbour. It perches on the west coast of modern Turkey on the wide coastal plain between Smyrna and Miletus and these days, thanks to the river gradually silting up, it lies around six miles from the Aegean Sea.

At the time of the Roman Empire, Ephesus was the capital of Asia Minor. It remains one of the world’s most awe-inspiring and best-restored archaeological sites with exotic marble paved streets, the Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsus, the house where the Virgin Mary apparently whiled away her final days, and a vast amphitheatre where St. Paul was once thought to have preached.

Nearby Kusadasi is a smart Turkish resort with a superb marina as well as endless miles of pure sandy beaches, right on the doorstep of magnificent Miletus, Didyma, the City Walls, the Panionium, Kadikalesi Castle and the ‘marble city’ of Ephesus itself. The ancient ruins of Priene are also worth seeing.

If you’re on board in the area, Kusadasi Marina is probably your best port of call, a gem of a place situated in the midst of some of prettiest coastal scenery in the region.

Setur Kusadasi Marina – A huge, prestigious yacht marina

Kusadasi Marina is one of the biggest and best yacht marinas in Turkey, a big draw for tourists as well as sea-goers. It is also famed for its high levels of environmental awareness, signified by blue flags.

The marina features extraordinarily lovely sunset views, one of the reasons it’s so popular, and there’s nothing quite so nice as sitting on board your yacht watching the boats and the beautiful people pass by, with a cold drink in your hand. The marina is open to the public, which means there are also plenty of really good seafood restaurants to enjoy. In fact Kusadasi and the surrounding area boasts almost three hundred restaurants to choose from.

Visit Pigeon Island. Take the kids to Adaland or Aqua Fantasy, the area’s hugely popular water parks. Buy local leather goods and rugs at vibrant Selcuk market every Saturday, or swim in the magical thermal spring, Cleopatra’s pool.

Beach-wise, there are some stunning places to lie in the sun. The Long Beach, Silver Sands Beach and Ladies Beach are all magnificent, and there are plenty of marvellous luxury hotels to stay in.

The sea conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean

The balmy Med tends to be either settled or unsettled. Settled weather means sunny skies, perhaps some high cloud, maybe moderate visibility. The forecasts for sailing tend to be good and reliable, but you might find that diurnal effects plus nearby high terrain cause large variations and brisk sea breezes thanks to the daily heating of the nearby land masses. These often veer to create coastal winds, and when the winds are strong high headlands can experience dramatic gusts.

Unsettled Mediterranean weather involves significant heavy cloud, often for several days in a row. You sometimes get sharp, often violent shifts in the wind thanks to thunderstorms, fronts and rarely, an actual tornado. When the conditions are like this, it makes sense to stay close to a well-sheltered harbour.

The weather on land

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts both have predictable Mediterranean climates, which means long, hot summers and short, mild winters. It’s hottest during July and August, when temperatures average 30C and can soar a lot higher, as high as 45C. It rarely rains in summer but it rains quite a lot in winter. April to October is the prime time for tourists.

Ready for boat share?

If you have always wanted to cruise the Eastern Med on board a luxury boat, now’s your chance. Boat share is a reliable, simple and fun way to enjoy the thrills of the seas and oceans in luxury, without having to invest a fortune in a boat of your own. If that sounds good, let’s talk!