Looking Ahead – How Green is the Future of Boat Share?

We’re proud to be the world’s largest yacht share brokerage, a global boat syndicate brokerage dedicated to providing people like you with beautiful co-owned yachts. We have a huge inventory of yacht shares worth in excess of €85m, more than 180 stunning boats moored in the world’s finest yachting hotspots.

At the same time as providing top class shared boat ownership we care deeply about the natural world, the glorious seas and oceans that our clients enjoy exploring so much. So we thought it’d be interesting to take a tour of yachting innovation with CO2 emissions in mind.

What’s on the horizon as regards innovative ‘green’ yacht technologies? Here’s some insight into what turns out to be a thriving, innovative sector.

Present and future – Generating essential energy on board

If you’re taking a long voyage, you need enough energy to power the entire journey. The primary energy source for smaller modern yachts tends to be an engine alternator, often with alternative energy sources to top the power up. Sometimes this is enough to cover all your power needs.

Boats of more than 41 feet tend to use diesel generators, often supplemented by sustainable wind or water turbines and solar panels. In fact, these days wind and water energy generation is common across more or less every yacht size except very large craft above 56ft, which tend to use shaft generators and solar panels to generate extra power.

The verdict? Not bad compared to conventional shipping. The future? Yacht energy generation innovations are arriving thick and fast. These are exciting times.

About the world’s first solar-powered, zero emissions yacht

The Swiss firm Solar Impact AG are the creators of the world’s first totally solar-powered zero-emissions yacht. Measuring 78ft, the SolarImpacy yacht cruises at speeds of 7-13 knots. 1000 kW of 100% electric power delivers a maximum speed of 22 knots, a great deal more than the 5 knots you need to cruise the oceans. But the big, green selling point is the 300 square foot array of solar panels on top, which generate power quietly unlike traditional engines.

It also features a 800 kWh battery pack that lasts as long as 10 hours when cruising. The solar panels can be used to generate backup energy. There are a couple of 65 kW diesel engines on-board just in case there’s not enough sun. And if you like your life on board nice and calm, two clever torpedo-shaped buoyancy aids are your best friends. They bob just below the surface and cut the yacht’s rolling and heeling in rough conditions.

The boat accommodates ten people in comfort thanks to four four double bedrooms and a master suite and comes with panoramic 360° views. Best of all just one of you can pilot it with ease while AI takes much of the responsibility.

Silent Yachts’ innovative electric propulsion tech

Austria’s Silent Yachts (https://www.silent-yachts.com) produces the world’s first and only ocean-going solar electric catamarans, whose remarkable silent electric propulsion provides a completely unlimited range without any noise or fumes as well as barely any vibration. As such these amazing vessels are not just self-sufficient, they’re also almost maintenance-free. Fully solar-sustainable and powered by the sun’s energy, the clever modular, scalable system means the craft’s fuel consumption is not far short of zero.

Green Yachts slash the environmental impact of new constructions and refits

The Italian design studio Green Yachts takes a responsible approach to the yacht design process. Dramatically cutting the environmental impact of new constructions and refits, they work with some of the world’s best-respected yacht brands including Intermarine, Rodriquez, Baglietto and Azimut Benetti.

From preliminary layouts through to final production drawings, the firm focuses on sustainable vessels that take into account great workmanship and sustainable construction materials as well as cutting edge greener propulsion systems. They also address direct and indirect pollution and energy recovery, running ops and recycling.

The fractional boat ownership world is greening

It’s thrilling to see the innovators of our world pulling out the stops to do their bit. It’s heartening to know that this fast-paced change doesn’t mean essentials like quality, style and sailing experience suffer. Quite the opposite. They’re equally high on the agenda. Change means opportunity, after all, and the new models and refits we’re already seeing are greener than ever as well as being absolutely stunning craft.

If you’d like to share a boat or find out more about it, get in touch.