To plenty of Brits, Australia feels like a second home. Lots of us have relatives and friends living down there, we feel safe and comfortable because the culture is familiar, we speak the same language, and we adore the Aussie weather.

Australia is an enormous continent. The coastline stretches an awe-inspiring 16,000 miles or so and while it isn’t the world’s longest – that prize goes to Canada at a whopping 152,100 miles – you could easily spend your entire boat share career exploring its many wonders and sampling its incredible variety.

Oh, and don’t forget Tasmania, another jewel in the Aussie crown that’s ripe for exploration. The island offers another 150 miles of coastline separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait. This is the world’s 26th-biggest island, and it’s surrounded by 334 smaller islands. Welcome to boat sharing in New South Wales – it’s what we call a proper adventure!

About boat sharing in Australia – The islands

Australia’s isolated offshore islands are amazing. The Whitsunday Islands, on the east coast, are a popular destination on the sun-drenched coast of North Queensland, offering a total of 74 islands, all protected from the ravages of the open ocean by the world’s biggest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef. There are plenty more islands to discover on your travels including Rottnest Island and Magnetic Island, Fitzroy and Frazer, Phillip Island and Lord Howe Island with its fabulous beaches. Each has its own fascinating history and there are a total of 8,222 islands off the Australian coast, all unique.

Fall in love with New South Wales and Sydney Harbour

New South Wales, home to Sydney Harbour, is probably the most popular Aussie yachting destination of all, rated high by our yacht share clients. It’s a bustling place studded with ships of every imaginable shape, size and purpose, but it also offers peace and quiet off the beaten path. There are superb places to eat, the city itself is easily accessible, and this is where you’ll find literally hundreds of boat ramps, foreshores, marinas and yacht clubs. If you’re here at the right time of year this is where the prestigious Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race kicks off, just one of many sailing events.

Go wild at Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River system

This area offers much more than city-inspired delights. You can also get up close and intimate with nature thanks to Broken Bay and the amazing Hawkesbury River system. You’ll sail past incredibly dense, primitive-looking forests and explore national parks conveniently close to good, deep, sheltered cruising areas. The river system itself provides lots of safe anchorage, and carries you on to the equally exciting Cowan Creek system with its dazzlingly smart marinas. If watersports are your thing, the Hawkesbury River provides superb opportunities for water skiing and wakeboarding.

Discover more marvels Down Under

As well as the iconic Sydney Opera House, top class restaurants, galleries, and museums, New South Wales contains six of Australia’s World Heritage Areas, including Norfolk Island. The landscapes are diverse, cut in half by the Great Dividing Range that makes its way through the state’s centre. The eastern coastline is where you’ll find supreme sandy beaches. The outback has its own strange, primitive beauty, as dangerous as it is dramatic. There’s climbing and even skiing amongst the sharp peaks of the Snowy Mountains, and you can even spend time opal hunting in tiny remote towns. There are World Heritage-listed rainforests to discover too.

Boat shares for sale in New South Wales

Would you like to grab a slice of a stunning yacht, a craft you can enjoy to the max without all the expense, fuss and bother of owning your own? Would you like to make Australia your primary boat share destination? If so we have a choice of the smart Aquila 44 Powercat or the Monte Fino 80, both superb machines offering every mod con.