Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations for 2021 – by Boat

Kuoni is one of the world’s best-loved luxury travel agencies, offering a host of brilliant destinations delivered with style and panache. They’ve recommended some amazing top class holiday destinations for 2021. So far, so magical… but what about covid? The virus means we can’t just hop on a plane. No matter how luxurious the destination or how much money you’ve got, air travel is set to be restricted for some time to come. Even if things clear for a while, there’s always the risk the air travel sector will have to shut down once more if the virus flares again.

Against an uncertain landscape like this, how do you plan your holidays? We have the answer; have you ever considered buying a share in a luxury yacht? Yacht share means you can sail your way to any of Kuoni’s five top holiday destinations for this year, travelling safely and enjoyably, in the ultimate of luxury, by sea.

Fractional yacht share agreement is the perfect way to enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury yacht without breaking the bank. It costs less than buying your own yacht, a fraction of the cost. A 10% share gives you five weeks per year on board, but all you pay is 10% of the boat’s price. The boat share itself, management and maintenance is all handled by the boat share operator, which means your own input is minimal.

You get to sail where you want, when you want, sharing a stunning high spec new or nearly-new boat, including current models, with a group of like-minded people. Each yacht share involves just a few fellow sharers in an exclusive group. And your fixed monthly fee nets you guaranteed time on board, which you can cancel, change or swap with the other owners.

This five week period reflects the actual amount of time that many yacht owners use their wholly-owned yachts for, so makes perfect sense.

Kuoni’s top five holiday destinations for 2021

Kuoni predicts that ‘big overseas trips’ will be the name of the game through 2021. Apparently advance bookings are already stacking up thanks to positive news around vaccines. They also predict upgrading will be a trend to watch, simply because so many people want to make this year’s holiday extra-special. No wonder the average spend is shooting up so fast. When you add the fact that plenty of people are upgrading their flights to business class and paying for exclusive helicopter transfers, as well as booking extra experiences, it’s clear the luxury holiday scene is changing to meet the demands of a very different world.

How do you feel about The Maldives, Italy, Kenya, the Seychelles, and Greece? The Maldives, Kenya and Seychelles are all on the holiday firm’s long-haul wish list for 2021, with Italy and Greece at the top of the list for the best short haul destinations.

A quick look at The Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is made up of 115 islands and includes two World Heritage sites, a top choice for romantic castaway couples. This is a place of countless gorgeous beaches, including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka. It’s legendary for its superb coral reefs and many rare sea creatures. If you’re lucky you might spot the amazing giant Aldabra tortoise.

The island of Mahé is the main hub, from where you can visit the other islands. The unique mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park are quite something, an extraordinary world you’ll love to discover. Nightlife-wise Mahé offers plenty of opportunity for partying the night away, from the Katiolo to the Level 3 Bar, the Berjaya International Casino to the Zez Lounge.

What’s on the cards in Kenya?

Kenya offers the ultimate in African adventures, plus the gorgeous East African coastline and the balmy Indian Ocean. It’s a country of extraordinary variety, covering scorching hot savannah, beautiful lakes, the drama of the cradle of mankind – the Great Rift Valley – plus remarkable mountainous highlands.

Visit Kenya for sightings of lions, elephants and rhinos. Shop and party in the cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi, take a safari, check out the Maasai Mara Reserve, maybe even catch the annual wildebeest migration. The natural jewel in the country’s crown is Amboseli National Park, which comes with awe-inspiring views of neighbouring Tanzania’s magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro.

Exploring The Maldives

The remote Maldives archipelago lies south west of Sri Lanka and India, a lovely little jewel that’s around 440 kilometres from mainland Asia. White sands and crystal clear waters are on the menu in this special place, which is why divers and surfers love it so much. Outdoor luxury spas and sunken wine cellars, restaurants high in the treetops, plus some of the best sailing on earth are all yours. There are more than 100 resort islands to choose from, and this is home to some of the world’s grandest, smartest resorts.

Take a gorgeous walking tour of Male or enjoy a Filhahohi island resort day trip. Try your hand at wave surfing, kite surfing, and wind surfing or take to the waves for a fascinating snorkel safari. There are thrilling diving packages on tap for certified scuba divers and you can relax thanks to a fabulous spa package… all with the extraordinarily blue sky and exotic seas as your backdrop.

Discovering Greece

It’s hard to beat the Greek Islands for remote beauty, for islands that feel like time has been forgotten, whose pace of life is slow, steady and enjoyable in the deep, dry heat. Athens itself is packed with top-class restaurants as well as endless remarkable ancient ruins and great international shopping. Worth it just for the breathtaking views alone, Orizontes is one of Athens’ best restaurants, right on top of Lycabettus Hill with views you’ll never forget, accessed via a quirky funicular.

If you love a luxury spa opt for sheer, unbridled indulgence at the Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso Spa near Vouliagmeni, half an hour’s drive from Syntagma Square. And of course the lovely Aegean sea is a destination in itself, with glorious views of the Greek coast and the countless jewel-like islands.

Unforgettable Italy

Party like it’s the end of the world on the infamous Emerald Coast, the Costa Smeralda, on Sardinia’s north east coast, a world-beating destination. Everything here is exclusive, from the hotels and resorts to the private jets and helicopters, golf clubs, and some of Italy‘s poshest nightclubs. Visit Rome or Milan and treat yourself to some of the world’s finest bespoke tailoring. Fall in love with Tuscany and experience the Italian Alps. Or experience the thrills of the Grand Prix circuit, driving round and round in an amazing racing car at legendary tracks like Monza, Imola, Mugello and Misano.

Take to the seas and oceans – At a cost you’ll love!

Would you like to experience all the thrills of owning a yacht at a fraction of the price, with a fraction of the associated responsibilities and expense? Would you like to secure a luxury holiday that’s a lot less likely to be cancelled thanks to covid than a long or short haul flight? In short, do you want to take better control of your free time in a world where travel is unpredictable? Let’s talk about fractional yacht share!