The joy of boat sharing – Pick your ocean and off you go

As a popular British boat share finder, we have a magical choice of boat share sales on offer. They’re berthed at an amazing variety of wonderful places, from exotic Africa to the mellow Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand to the Med and the Adriatic. Whichever oceans inspire you, whatever seas sit at the heart of your yachting yearnings, we have a boat share deal for you.

Boat Sharing in Africa and Seychelles

Africa is a fast-emerging and incredibly exciting yachting destination, and more yachts are being based on the shores of the continent than ever before. Essential yachting support infrastructure, from dazzling new marinas to some of the world’s best yacht brands, are flocking there, and fractional yacht ownership is booming in line with the continent’s growing popularity and influence.

This is your chance to explore the stunning Indian Ocean, known and loved for its extraordinary colourful marine life and gorgeous, warm turquoise waters that are perfect for yachting all year round. This is your chance to experience solitude on the water, diving and snorkelling in a place that’s both very lovely and under-used.

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Make your way to the sophisticated eastern seaboard of the USA for endless attractive ports, some timeless and sleepy, others fun and vibrant. The Caribbean is a fantastic destination for winter cruising and Washington herself, offering countless islands to navigate, contrasts wonderfully with the balmy Pacific waters of the California coast.

You could easily cruise the waters between New England and the Virgin Islands for years on end and always see something new. There are many, many exciting ports of call, and the sheer variety of destinations is quite remarkable. You’ll experience everything from glamorous cruises up the mighty Hudson River past Manhattan itself to whale watching on the west coast and playing on the pure white sands of the Bahamas.

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Yacht Sharing in Australia and New Zealand

The waters off Australia and New Zealand are famous for their incredible variety, offering everything from the Great Barrier Reef to the astonishing fjords of New Zealand. South Australia alone offers an epic 3125 or more miles of varied coastline, uniquely beautiful. Sail your way round to South Australia to enjoy the Gulf of Spencer and the Gulf of St Vincent, both unusually shallow and warm. The lovely Whitsundays islands, made up of roughly 150 islands and islets surrounded by pristine turquoise waters on the sub-tropical central coast of Australia, are a sight for sore eyes.

New Zealand is another stunning yachting paradise, known and loved for its sheer variety. The Bay of Islands to the north offers exceptional snorkelling and diving, the Hauraki Gulf off Auckland is home to loads of exciting islands offering sandy beaches, extraordinary landscapes and thrilling wildlife. The Waikato River is a great place for smaller boats and there’s kayaking, water skiing and exploring on tap.

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Boat Sharing in the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea

The eastern Mediterranean is your yacht share destination if you like your boating extra-relaxed. Sail this way for superb overnight anchorages and unique coastal cruises, a huge variety of ports and an experience not unlike the French Riviera or the Balearics. It just happens to be great value for money, too, compared to the flashier western Med.

The Western Med is less chilled but just as attractive. It’s all about glitz and glamour, a place of high fliers and celebrity fun. If you’re into active lifestyle yachting it’s the perfect solution, with gastronomic delights at every turn and supremely good nightlife. Here a yacht makes the ideal floating holiday home, and fractional ownership makes boating in this extra-expensive area a lot more affordable.

The deep blue Adriatic Sea separates Italy and the Balkans, the most northern arm of the Mediterranean Sea. You can sail from the lovely Strait of Otranto to the north west and see the magnificent Po Valley, a destination packed with sheer drama with eye candy every step of the way.

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Boat Shares in the Middle East and Asia

Yacht ownership in the Middle East and Asia combines business and pleasure in the most wonderful way. This is where corporate on-board hospitality rules the waves, offering fabulous weather 24/7/365 plus low boating costs and affordable onboard entertainment. Ask us about a yacht share arrangement between a business and the families and friends of the business’ owners – it’s a popular way to spread the cost in this region.

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