A life on the ocean wave – How fractional yacht shares work

Welcome to an insider’s guide to fractional yacht ownership. At Yacht Share Network, this is what we live and breathe. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone seeking the serenity of being on the water, fractional yacht ownership offers a unique opportunity to experience the joys of yacht ownership without the full commitment.

Discover the benefits and unique features that set us apart, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how our offerings cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

The Process of Fractional Yacht Sharing

Ensure your yacht share partner adheres to the Fractional Association’s standard operating procedure – it forms the basis of everything we do. If the yacht share partner you’ve been thinking about doesn’t conform, find one that does. Here’s what their syndicate management structure looks like.

Under this procedure, each yacht syndicate has access to our app. The app ensures efficient operational management and has several benefits and features that make co-ownership a breeze:

  • A fantastic Usage Selection algorithm that cleverly pro-ratas to your percentage ownership, designed to keep everything scrupulously fair: With this algorithm, you can be assured that your usage of the yacht is allocated in a fair and equitable manner based on your ownership percentage.
  • A handy, easy-to-use Usage Calendar for all co-owners and crew, the ideal way to discover who is due on board and when: The Usage Calendar provides a convenient and user-friendly way for all co-owners and crew members to keep track of their scheduled time on the yacht.
  • Seriously useful real-time Financial Reporting of all the costs associated with your yacht: Stay on top of all the financial aspects of yacht ownership with this real-time reporting feature, ensuring transparency and clarity in managing expenses.
  • An exciting, welcoming, friendly Communication Forum for co-owners to share their thoughts and explore issues: The Communication Forum serves as a vibrant platform for co-owners to engage in open discussions, share ideas, and address any concerns within the yacht community.
  • An accurate Maintenance Log revealing all the scheduled servicing, both current and future: Keep track of all the maintenance activities and upcoming service schedules through the Maintenance Log, ensuring that your yacht remains in top condition.
  • A clear log of all Unscheduled Repairs complete with images, so co-owners can better understand what the crew are doing while the yacht isn’t being used: Gain insights into any unexpected repairs or maintenance work being carried out on the yacht through detailed logs and accompanying images, promoting transparency and understanding among co-owners.
  • Comprehensive Yacht Documents, showing all the certification and relevant paperwork including the boat’s title and syndicate agreements: Access all the necessary documentation, including certifications, boat title, and syndicate agreements, in one place for a comprehensive overview of your yacht ownership.
  • A beautiful Image and Video Gallery so our co-owners can show their yacht off to guests pre-arrival: Showcase your yacht to guests before their arrival with an impressive Image Gallery and Video feature, allowing you to share the beauty and luxury of your vessel.
  • Cool Global Week Swaps, where our international co-owners can swap their week on their yacht in Mallorca, for example, for a week on any of our yachts worldwide: Enjoy the flexibility of swapping your allocated week on your yacht for a week on any of our yachts worldwide.

Roles and Responsibilities in Fractional Yacht Ownership

Yachts typically have 4 to 10 owners who each get 3 to 12 weeks of boarding annually. One owner is named Boat Manager and another is designated Finance Manager.

The Boat Manager is responsible for daily administrative tasks, such as owner communication, operational and maintenance, and documentation. The Finance Manager takes charge of all expenses, audits and reports maintenance costs to all owners. Expenses are split in proportion to the owners’ equity.

Keeping Your Yacht Spotless and Personalized

Our housekeeping team ensures that your yacht is immaculate with all your possessions on board; previous owners’ belongings are removed to provide a truly exclusive experience.

Fair Selections and Swapping Weeks in Fractional Yacht Ownership

To keep things scrupulously fair, every owner chooses a week in rotation. You repeat the cycle until the entire year is allocated. The following year you repeat the process but do it back to front, letting the person who chose last during the previous year choose first this time. Once this process is complete you’ll usually see some swapping and changing between owners until everyone’s happy.

Choosing the Perfect Break and Season for Your Yacht

The yacht’s dedicated owner website includes a handy communication forum including a section to deal with week swaps, cancelled weeks and unused weeks, which can be traded. Some owners like to use their boat during the school holidays, others prefer to avoid crowds and take to the seas when the kids are safely back at school. As a general rule things always even out very well, with everyone getting what they want.

If you want to sail the Mediterranean, the peak months are July and August. Spring and autumn are ideal for the Mediterranean and Caribbean – much better than the UK weather.

With fractional ownership, you can experience life on the water today, without having to wait. You can stay at anchor, take a long-distance voyage, hug the coast, or explore the sights – it’s entirely up to you. Enjoy luxury boat ownership without the wait!

Enjoying the Flexibility of Fractional Yacht Ownership

Enquire about sharing one of our yachts and you’ll open up a fabulous new world of pleasure, adventure, relaxation and fun – all without any of the hassle and expense involved in owning your own luxury yacht.