Benetti Yachts – Where legendary design meets stunning performance

Benetti has been crafting superb yachts since 1873. The firm’s insistence on extreme quality means every single boat out of their yard is a stunner, an exercise of unparalleled sophistication blended with legendary design and exceptional performance. Let’s look at the Benetti brand, why it’s so special, and how a shared Benetti yacht will forever change your life at sea. Walk this way for Italian inspiration, created with skill and dedication every step of the way. If it’s a Benetti, it’s a love thing. 

About Benetti Yachts 

The Benetti shipyard’s history involves two famous Italian shipyards, Fratelli Benetti, founded in Viareggio in 1873, and the Fratelli Orlando shipyard, founded in 1866 in Livorno. Together they created ‘amazing’, and the company has been doing it ever since    

Timeless, beautiful, powerful luxury yachts

Benetti yachts are so much more than a pretty face. They’re designed to withstand the toughest conditions at sea, keeping you comfortable and safe. Timeless styling means they transcend fashion, standing the test of time. And because every single boat they build is designed to exceed the owners’ expectations, every voyage is sheer joy. Cutting-edge hybrid tech delivers sustainability in a world where a light environmental touch matters. 

Meet some of the most famous legacy Benetti yachts

In July 2022, the brand launched the greenest model in its class, the Benetti B.YOND 37M, a glittering new star in the Voyager series. No wonder they’re such a big attraction at world-class events like the Cannes Yachting Festival. It’s the latest in a string of record breakers and trend-setters. Have you seen the famous portrait of Prince Rainier III with Grace Kelly on the Benetti Gabbiano in the bay of Monte Carlo, for example? Like its passengers, the Gabbiano was an icon. 

Benetti switched from wood to steel in 1961, effectively inventing the modern Luxury Motor Yacht as we know it. Their innovation was wildly successful. In 1979 they launched the extraordinary 86m long Nabila, built for the Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi, who wanted to own the planet’s most modern and luxurious motor yacht. It was such a phenomenon that Freddy Mercury sang about it. The song Khashoggi’s Ship appeared on Queen’s album, The Miracle, revealing tales of the legendary parties held on board. In the early 1980s, Sean Connery played James Bond in Never Say Never Again, a movie starring scenes filmed on board the Nabila. 

A change of ownership refreshes the brand 

After 111 years in the same family, 1985 saw the Azimut group, owned by Paolo Vitelli, buying the  Benetti Shipyard and bringing the brand to even more vibrant life. In 1998 the brand released its Luxury Pocket Yacht, setting off on a unique journey that saw the yard launch more than 160 beautiful new yachts in just 15 years. And in 2000 the Benetti Reverie arrived, a full 70m of luxurious excellence with a sleek, elegant design by Stefano Natucci. 

In 2020 the first yachts to break Benetti’s 100m barrier were born: the awesome 107m Luminosity, the remarkable 107m Lana, and the dramatic 108m IJE. All three giga-yachts were launched in 100 days. 

Today the Benetti brand’s trademarks include pioneering tech, future-led creative design collaborations, the very highest standards, and all the iconic elegance you expect from a master shipbuilder with almost 150 years of experience behind it. One of Europe’s oldest and best-loved luxury yacht builders, Benetti’s contemporary portfolio covers everything from semi-custom to wholly custom yachts and superyachts made from FRP, aluminium, and steel. The legend carries on. 

Three stunning Benetti yachts to share 

We have three remarkable Benetti yachts for you to share, each beautifully made, all rich in legendary Benetti style. This is where the ultimate luxurious sailing breaks begin.  

Experience the stunning 2018 Benetti Classic Supreme 132

The stunning 2018 Benetti Classic Supreme 132 is called ‘classic’ and ‘supreme’ for a very good reason. It’s a classic design created to delight even the most discerning yacht lovers. And she is supreme from bow to stern, from port to starboard. If sheer luxury ticks all your boxes and you’re keen to share a yacht that’s a legend in her own lifetime, this one’s for you. She comes with a fantastic suite of luxury features, which you can check out in detail here.

Fall for the awe-inspiring 2023 Benetti Oasis 

34 metres of total yachting perfection await you thanks to the gloriously sleek, mega-smart 2023 Benetti  Oasis. A hundred and twelve feet of fine design and top quality materials is yours, embellished to perfection with five unique features that make this vessel very sporty, youthful, and super cool.  She’s ideal for long stays onboard. Offering thrilling performance and facilities to match, she’s a delight to sail and have adventures on. Click here for the full details about the specification, accommodation, and more

Make the sleek 2020 Benetti Delfino 95 yours 

The gorgeous 2020 Benetti Delfino 95 carries on the trend set by the remarkable Delfino 93, its highly respected and well-loved predecessor. The spec is inspired by the 93 model, taking luxury to an entirely new level. 94 feet of razor-sharp Italian design and sheer comfort await you. Click here for the details

How to choose the perfect Benetti yacht to share? 

They all perform perfectly. They all look utterly amazing. The experience is second to none whichever amazing craft you choose to share. If you’d appreciate expert support making the best decision, we’d love to discuss the potential of these fine Benetti craft with you.