Client Stories: Memorable Experiences with the Yacht Share Network

If you’re already into fractional Yacht Share, you’ll know how magical it is to part-own a luxury craft without the hassle of actually owning one. It’s all about the fun. Because the practical details are taken care of, all you need to do is make your way to the berth where your yacht is based, climb on board, and… enjoy. 

This is how you acquire the yacht of your dreams on your own terms. We add to the experience by removing the headaches: the management, the maintenance, plus a network of exclusive on and off-shore services to make the magic even more magical. Then there’s a collection of ultra-luxury villas, remote retreats, yachts and private jets, based worldwide, for syndicate members to use, making the most of each others’ unused and unoccupied assets. 

Inspired? If you’re new to sharing a luxury yacht, here are three cool client stories to entertain you.  

How Philip fell truly, madly and deeply in love with yacht share

As a child in Cornwall, Philip loved sailing his little dinghy. He’d potter around staring at the beautiful motor yachts, ultimately falling in love with the magnificent Princess 45 that arrived in the bay one day. He never forgot it. 

Once he’d grown up, moved to London and qualified as a lawyer, Philip returned to boating. Chartering a Princess 42 with a friend in Mallorca, he fell in love with it all over again. But buying a boat was a bridge too far, a massive financial commitment he wasn’t willing to risk. It made more sense to suck it and see before actually buying a yacht of his own.  

Discovering Yacht Share gave Philip the chance to learn to handle a large luxury boat with skill and confidence, and find out if his dream was genuine. Eventually buying a six-week share in a Princess 62, he passed the Day Skipper theory course online, took real-life tuition, and the real fun began.  

Two years later he still hadn’t fallen out of love with luxury boating. These days he’s a total boat geek and is thinking about buying one of his own. The yacht share experience played a starring role in Philip’s journey, revealing how he actually loves the whole process of owning, researching and tinkering with boats enough to take things further.  

How Alex pivoted to yacht share and never looked back

Alex owned several yachts before switching to fractional boat share. Having never shared one before, he loved the concept. Facing a bill of £36,000 a year just for the 15m berth he needed, which was just the tip of an enormous iceberg, he decided to give it a go. 

He put his name on the waiting list for a share in a Princess 68 based in Portals, Mallorca, and while waiting bought a share in a Sunseeker Manhattan 66. When a nine-week share of a skippered Horizon 70 came up six months later, it wasn’t an issue. Alex simply let his Sunseeker share go in part exchange. 

Alex loves the fact that while he can helm the boat himself, the boring and time-consuming bits are taken care of for him. There’s no hassle, no cleaning, and the boat is always fuelled and ready to go. It’s also a lot more economical than chartering: a craft like his shared Horizon would cost around €30,000 a week to charter.   

How Martin changed his boating life forever  

Martin is a busy man whose spare time is limited and therefore extra-precious. It was frustrating wanting a yacht but knowing the cost for a few short weeks on board wasn’t worthwhile. Then he came across yacht share.  

A 2017 ad for a four-week share in a Sunseeker Manhattan 60 costing just €45,000 proved impossible to resist, an excellent deal considering the amount of time he was able to use the craft. Once he saw for himself how well kept the boat was – almost ten years old but appearing brand new – he was convinced, and the rest is history. A four-day yachting training course sealed the deal. 

Based at Portals in Mallorca, Martin has discovered so many gorgeous places to experience in the area that there’s no need to take long voyages. The running costs are around £45,000 for the share plus £12,000 a year to run the boat, and that feels comfortable. It’s also a great deal less than chartering an equivalent boat for just a week, which would come in at around €40,000. 

Able to afford a much bigger yacht than he’d be able to buy makes the experience even more special. Boat sharing is a sociable affair in Martin’s world, with friends and family joining in. And he’s comfortable with the idea of sharing a bigger yacht in future. In his words, “I just wish I’d discovered it years ago.”

Try yacht share for yourself 

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