Meet the extraordinary Okean 80 – Your ‘beach house on the water’

Are you ready for something completely different? You’ll love our latest acquisition, the exciting Okean 80, billed as a ‘beach house on the water’. She’s extraordinary. So let’s explore what makes her so special. 

About Okean yachts

Let’s dive right in with the awards. Boat Of The Year in 2014, a winner of World Revelation Yacht Trophies in Cannes, and a Millennium Yacht Design Award in 2015 make Okean a highly respected luxury yacht brand. A Gold Bombarco Award in the Whale 2021 yacht category sealed the deal. At the heart of all this splendour lies a long and passionate association with the nautical experience, which means Okean boats are more than a triumph in style. They’re also very comfortable, very safe, and deliver thrillingly high levels of performance.

It’s a space thing, a views thing, an open-feeling thing. Okean yachts focus on stunning 360-degree views, being pioneers in the open-side deck concept that’s taking our world by storm. There’s more air, more sea, more light… and it feels like you’ve actually invited nature inside. Spaciousness and freedom sit at the heart of these crafts, and we think our dazzling new Okean 80 personifies the concept perfectly. 

The tragic story behind the brand

The siblings behind the brand have enjoyed a lifetime at sea, exploring the coast off their native São Paulo on a small boat powered by a little outboard motor. As the boats they sailed got bigger, so did their fascination with the ocean. An illness that proved fatal inspired the remaining siblings to build a boat of their own, and the result was unique. Years later, they returned to boatbuilding and scored a huge success in the North American market. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Now based just a few miles from the Port of Navegantes and the Port of Itajaí, close to the International Airports of Navegantes and Florianópolis, the brand has taken its rightful place in the world’s luxury yacht roll of honour, and we’re delighted to join the party. 

One of the best yacht designers around

This is where state-of-the-art nautical technology sits comfortably with stunning designs by the famed Italian Yacht Designer Paolo Ferragni, who isn’t afraid to blend passion and professionalism to create something genuinely unique. The look says it all. Inspired by years of experience in European shipyards, Ferragni’s skills have been celebrated with numerous awards.  The Okean 80 model we’ve invested in, for example, won Newcomer of the Year 2020 at the World Yacht Awards in Cannes, an accolade any yacht builder would be proud of. 

Okean yachts are winners in so many ways. They’re lightweight and economical to run thanks to the contemporary materials used, including the latest iteration of proven materials like carbon fibre and Kevlar. The brand’s crack team of respected designers, engineers and interiors experts work tirelessly to perfect every boat to a fine level of detail, and the results are truly rewarding for everyone who sails the ocean in an Okean. 

About our stunning Okean 80

The OKEAN 80 Yacht Lounge concept means all the doors are completely open to blend the outdoors with the indoors. The terrace is big enough to entertain as many as 30 people, with a beach club at the stern. A submersible sliding platform lets you dive, swim and experience nature safely and comfortably.  

  • Open design – the deck doors open completely to blend the outdoors and indoors seamlessly
  • Clean lines 
  • 360° views  of the ocean
  • Speed 18 KN, top speed 25 knots 
  • High tech every step of the way 
  • 4 cabins and 4 heads 
  • Length: 23.9m (80ft)
  • Width 6.05m
  • Draft 1.76
  • Sleeps 12 guests
  • Hydraulic swim platform with a centre that raises to create a diving board and lowers for easy access to and from the water 
  • Med-style passerelle  
  • The swim platform expands the deck area to make the beach club
  • ‘Smart glass’ for instant privacy 
  • Beautiful low-profile furnishings and interior design 

Based out of Croatia, our Okean 80 gives you easy access to the gorgeous Adriatic coast with hundreds of islands, crystal seas, lovely beaches, remote coves, picturesque ports and famously well-preserved medieval towns. 

Enquire about sharing our Okean 80 and you’ll open up a fabulous new world of pleasure, adventure, relaxation and fun – all without any of the hassle and expense involved in owning your own luxury yacht.