20 reasons why fractional yacht ownership is best for people and the planet

Every big, bold, and exciting buying decision we make has an impact these days, whether it affects our own finances or the health of the planet as a whole. As a responsible person with a passion for luxury yachting, you’ll win on both counts with fractional yacht ownership.  

Why fractional yacht ownership is the intelligent choice 

Here are 20 reasons why fractional yacht share is best for people and the planet. 

  1. It’s fast to arrange, ideal when you’re keen to get out on the water  
  2. Luxury yacht share keeps you nimble. It’s a lot easier to experience different yachts in a flexible syndication context than buying and selling your boat every time you fancy a change
  3. The world is your playground, with yachts to share in the world’s finest luxury yachting destinations 
  4. A great way to ensure the best deal for groups of friends wanting to experience yachting together, placing the project in expert hands 
  5. A time-saving, stress-saving alternative to yacht ownership 
  6. Perfect for people who like to manage their resources intelligently, a yacht syndicate costs a lot less than buying a boat of your own  
  7. The craft you share is exactly as described. There’s no need for time-consuming, complicated due diligence and surveys 
  8. Fractional yacht share offers minimal paperwork: one comprehensive syndicate agreement 
  9. Forget the complexities and inconveniences of maintenance, spares, repairs, cleaning and berthing. It’s all handled for you by the yacht share syndicate provider 
  10. There’s a solid, secure digital yacht management system for members to tap into
  11. When you share a luxury yacht you share the running costs with your fellow syndicate members  
  12. If you already own a yacht, a reputable yacht share company will syndicate it for you professionally, ticking every box for a watertight deal  
  13. A well-maintained, well-run vessel performs to its best ability, making its lowest environmental impact
  14. Newer yachts are greener, and syndication means you’ll be able to afford to share in something new
  15. The world’s best yacht builders are very conscious of their impact on the environment, with sustainability high on the list. Sharing a newer yacht means you support greener boating 
  16. Zero-emission solar power and cutting-edge rechargeable battery tech is being used as much as possible, wherever possible in new builds
  17. The woods and other natural raw materials used to create these beautiful machines are being sourced sustainably 
  18. Modern materials keep the superstructure as light as possible for optimum fuel efficiency
  19. The engines are the best you can get, well-maintained and fuel-efficient 
  20. Newer yachts feature energy recovery and recycling systems, and the galley and bathroom appliances are the most energy-efficient available when the vessel was built or refurbished  

A thrilling green future for yacht syndication 

Solar yachts are already here. Take the awe-inspiring 80 Sunreef Power Eco, which wowed audiences at the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Because she comes with such outstanding energy efficiency, plus zero carbon emissions once at sea, she’s a game-changer in terms of innovative green yachting tech. 

Some say it won’t be too long before solar yachts go mainstream. This means they’ll quickly be syndicated, plugging people like you directly into the eco-yachting revolution. And that alone is an excellent reason to think about sharing rather than buying a luxury yacht. 

If you’d like to explore the opportunity with someone who’s been yachting for years and knows all the ins and outs of yacht share, please get in touch