How does yacht sharing work?

Yacht ownership. It’s an obsession. You can’t stop thinking about life on the ocean on board a stunning luxury yacht. But what if it’s an idea that, in reality, doesn’t quite turn out the way you imagine? Can you test-drive the idea first before investing a fortune in a yacht of your own? Yes, you can, and it’s all about boat sharing. 

The same goes if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to 100% yacht ownership. A part-share via a trusted yacht syndication provider delivers the perfect solution, where you are responsible for the craft along with like-minded people, and you share the time you spend on board. 

Intelligent boat syndication is the answer plenty of people like you arrive at. You’re about to enter the wonderful world of yacht share. So how does yacht sharing work? Let’s explore. 

About yacht sharing – Flexible yacht ownership without the hassle 

Owning and maintaining a luxury boat, whether it’s something spectacular or a small powerboat, is an expensive matter. It’s also time-consuming. When you want to save time, save money, and enjoy trouble-free yacht ownership along with a bunch of like-minded people, yacht syndication could be the perfect way to enjoy life on the water.   

How does a yacht syndicate work? 

The yacht itself is owned by the syndicate, whose members act as co-owners. Each of you owns a portion of the boat. The parts you own don’t have to be equal, they can vary. You might have a 50% portion, while the other syndicate members own 25% each. 

The yacht is managed by a third party. Between them the owners of the yacht cover the maintenance and operating costs based on their share, according to the syndicate agreement. 

How yacht sharing works – The upkeep

Boat share gives you the wonderful freedom of a life on the oceans and seas without the hassle. It makes sense when you’re a busy person who might only be able to get on board and go exploring for a limited time each year.  

Buy an entire yacht and it’ll spend most of the time sitting in dock, eating up money in docking fees, cleaning, repairs, insurance and maintenance. This simply doesn’t happen when you join a yacht syndicate. 

Sharing a boat is brilliantly flexible, too. If you ever feel like trying another kind of yacht or want to sail an ocean far away from where your current syndicated yacht is based, you can sell your boat share and take on another. 

How does yacht share work as far as captain and crew are concerned?  

When you buy a yacht share through a trusted company like us, everything associated with your purchase is taken care of. And that includes an expert crew and experienced captain if that’s what you want. You’re also perfectly welcome to operate the vessel yourself. Either way the whole deal makes your onboard life more enjoyable as well as less stressful and more cost-effective. 

Between you, you can afford an absolutely fabulous luxury boat

In short, sharing a boat gives you all the best parts of owning a yacht without any of the annoying, awkward, inconvenient or expensive elements of luxury boat ownership. And one of the best bits of all? If you want to enjoy a very large, very beautiful and very costly yacht, you can do exactly that without breaking the bank. Because you only pay for part of the value of the craft, together the syndicate members can enjoy a bigger, more luxurious yacht than they’d otherwise be able to afford. 

How does a boat syndicate work? Imagine this… 

Imagine owning your own yacht at a fraction of the full price? Then picture yourself with a set number of days or weeks every year when you can use the yacht. Whenever it’s your turn the craft will be ready and waiting for you to step on board. She’ll be clean, safe, beautifully maintained and ready to sail. All you need to do is turn up, ready for adventures. Now you know how boat sharing works, would you like to talk to an expert about sharing a boat? We’ll be delighted to help you enjoy the many pleasures of fractional yacht ownership with ease, in style, and in an affordable way?