Meet magical Menorca – A dazzling new yacht share opportunity

Are you having yacht share dreams? How about marvellous Menorca, also called Minorca, a member of Spain’s premier party islands, the Balearics?

Surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and more low-key and mellow than its lively neighbours, Menorca is home to huge, spectacular sandy beaches and gorgeous bays called ‘calas’ fringed with dark green pine trees. If you love Georgian architecture you’ll be delighted by the capital, Mahon, set high on a cliff overlooking the impressive harbour – the world’s second largest natural harbour – featuring glorious Georgian mansions and an ancient church dating back as far as the 1200s.

Here’s what you need to know about Menorca, and everything yacht share in Menorca it has to offer.

The island’s stunning interior is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Made a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993, the island’s interior is a paradise for botanists. In spring the meadows are carpeted with millions of beautiful wild flowers. This awesome natural beauty, together with a chilled atmosphere, makes it a destination designed for people who want to unwind. It’s calm, it’s luxurious, and it’s home to the legendary, uber-grand Alcaufar Vell Hotel as well as lots of equally lovely but lower-key places to stay.

This is the planet’s second biggest natural harbour

Menorca has the world’s second largest harbour, although it’s a close call with Pearl Harbour, Sydney and Rio which all make much the same claim. As a sailor that’s something you can appreciate. It’s incredible. It’s at least three miles long and 900m wide, and it’s absolutely brilliant for people-watching, eating out, relaxing in the sun, and of course luxury yacht-spotting.

One of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful walks

You can walk right around Menorca if you wish thanks to the brilliant walking and hiking trails studding the island. You won’t want to miss the magnificent Cami de Cavalls, the ‘Path of Horses’, an extraordinary 185 mile hike split into 20 stages, taking in the coastline and previously used to defend against invaders.

There’s hardly anyone there… and they make marvellous drinks!

Fewer than 100,000 people live on Menorca, which means it’s unusually empty and peaceful even in summer. In winter it’s even more private-feeling and mellow, perfect for walking, horse riding and cycling the unspoiled landscapes.

If you love good wine you’ll be delighted by the viticulture. Watch out for the Binifadet bodega near Sant Lluis, home to the only home-grown sparkling wines on the island. And for the island’s amazing gin, a drink that arrived here thanks to British rule during the 1700s. Don’t leave without tasting Pomada, a lovely drink made with gin and bitter lemon. The Xoriguer Gin distillery and factory shop near Mahon harbour is a great place to enjoy a taster.

Fascinating ancient monuments everywhere

Humans have lived on this island since Megalithic times, and the island’s magical Naveta d’Es Tudons is probably the oldest roofless building in Europe, a spooky chamber that was originally a tomb, just three miles from Ciutadella.

Watching the sunrise off Menorca, an extraordinary sight, sees you watching the same sun those ancient people saw rising and setting through the millennia. And that’s quite a thought. For the very best sunrises, better and more dramatic than you’ve seen anywhere in the UK, head for the far-easterly point of Cala Fonte.

Meet our yacht share team in Menorca

We’re delighted to add a fresh new Yacht Share Network in Menorca thanks to the excellent Samuel & Marc Pons, a highly experienced Menorcan boating business. Founded back in the ’60s, when tourism first arrived on the island, they offer a wide range of services thanks to their uniformed nautical experts, all decked out in cheerful bright red. Samuel & Marc Pons is the local distributor and service agent for several world class boating brands and the very best vessels are yours for the taking… along with top class maintenance on Menorca itself.

Samuel and Marcs’ fleet of co-ownership yachts provide all the joy of boat ownership on a shared basis, with easy access to everything Menorca has to offer. The bluest waters you can imagine, the most sheltered, empty beaches, the most amazing coastline and much, much more.

Yacht share Menorca – Heavenly sailing awaits you!

If you’d like to know more about this exceptional offer and discover the wonders of Menorca for yourself, view our Yacht Shares in Menorca.