Welcome to our beautiful new yacht share website

We believe change is one of the secrets of a successful business. The world changes around us, the internet changes constantly, people’s tastes and priorities change. We welcome change! That’s why we place positive change at the heart of everything we do – it keeps us in our work market-leading slot as far as co-ownership yacht shares are concerned.

Our latest innovation? Welcome to our beautiful new website.

It’s a fresher, cleaner design that comes with excellent user experience and innovative extras designed to be even more informative. Our new yacht share search makes finding the right yacht in the right location even easier. With over 200 yachts on offer worldwide, we want to make it quicker to find the perfect yacht in the perfect location. We truly feel that our new website better reflects our fast-growing business globally.

A boom in demand for boat share thanks to Covid-19

Unlike many sectors, the luxury yacht industry has seen demand for private yachting boom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our ongoing online traffic growth has exceeded 200% year on year, and we’ve seen a dramatic subsequent uplift in enquiries. This told us our site really needed to be reconfigured to handle all the extra traffic, as well as reflect the wider range of yacht syndicates we’re creating these days.

One of the most important changes has involved providing much more comprehensive content on the yachts themselves, as well as operational matters and the cruising environment. It makes a lot of sense right now, since we’re less likely to meet our new co-owners in person thanks to the pandemic. The new site design means we can fully inform potential yacht share clients at every stage of the initial investigation process despite Covid-19.

Social distancing means boating holidays are thriving

Land-based holidays are a lot less popular than they were, simply because it’s challenging to socially distance on land. When you’re on board your own private yacht, there’s no need to share public spaces, hotel lifts, or any other communal facility. You can provision your yacht in advance, which means your meals are prepared and enjoyed at stunning anchorages complete with magical sea views. As our founder, Simon Maunder says, “You get total freedom, and you won’t get Covid-19 from swimming in the sea!”

Thanks to Covid-19 we have recently grown our workforce by 30% as well as opening two new locations in the USA and UAE to cope with growing demand. We also have five more key locations in the pipeline, designed to cope with a flurry of new first-time yacht owners across the world who are not quite ready to buy their own yacht outright but would love to invest in an exciting yacht co-ownership programme.

Our clients are predicting socially isolated holidays will be the new normal for the next year or two. This also helps explain why co-ownership demand remains off the charts. Our potential customers are keen to travel, but they also want to stay away from crowds for the foreseeable future. “Yachting offers true freedom of movement” Simon added. “If you find a beautiful cove or beach and it then becomes a bit too crowded for your liking, you simply weigh anchor and sail off into the sunset”.

Our usage calendar has seen changes too, as people move away from old-style one-week stays to extended reservations lasting two weeks. Yacht co-owners clearly recognise international travel is likely to be difficult and stressful for the foreseeable future. No wonder our sister company, Jet Share Network, is so busy. Right now we’re offering a smart private jet with exclusive hanger departures and arrivals, with seats at under £500, flying out between the UK and Mallorca or the Cote d’Azur, where most of our yachts are based.

Why yacht share is so popular with boating enthusiasts

Most yacht owners say they only use their yacht for about 6 weeks every year. Our Yacht Share Network brings eight co-owners into one yacht, each of whom owns 6 weeks’ usage a year and only pays an eighth of the purchase price and running costs. An example? You can buy a share in our stunning 60ft Sunseeker or Princess yacht for as little as £75,000. Amazing? We think so.

If you’d like to browse our yachts and destinations, head to our brand new browse facility and see what takes your fancy. Then get in touch  to talk about making your yacht share dreams come true. We’ll be delighted to help.