Our cool three-in-one fractional yacht ownership delivers epic adventures!

If you’re thinking about yacht co-ownership, where you own a fraction of a stunning yacht and get all the fun without the hassle, this deal is special. Very special.

How about owning a fraction of three yachts? Three boats that, together, give you access to a vast area of stunning beauty including the French and Italian Rivieras, the Spanish Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Florida, Long Island, Nantucket and many other summer boating treats, plus Mexico, California, and onwards up to Washington?

Inspired? Here’s what you need to know.

Three sister ships, one central hub

Welcome to a truly unique co-ownership offering. It involves three stunning sister-ships that cruise outwards from a central hub. One yacht lives in the western Med, one is based on the eastern seaboard of the USA, and the third has made the west coast of the USA its home.

1. Our Mediterranean ship will cruise the French & Italian Rivieras, the Spanish Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia
2. Our Eastern USA boat travels the Caribbean, The Bahamas and Florida in the winter, plus Long Island, Nantucket and more yachting hotspots through the summer
3. Our west coast sister-ship covers Mexico, California, and the coast at Washington through the summer

Familiarity and adventure combined – A unique yacht share experience

If you want the best of all worlds, this is it. You get to enjoy a beautiful fleet of new, innovative yachts, vessels you can be proud of. Every time you board there’s a new experience to enjoy, in a different place, but at the same time your boat is nice and familiar, a place you love to be.

Fabulous value

The savings are huge, as you can imagine. Firstly you own 25% of the boat rather than paying for ownership of the entire craft, perfect when you’re not necessarily going to be using it all year round. If you wanted to get the same access to such a vast area of ocean in just one boat, it would cost you upwards of  €100,000 to move one boat around all three destinations, as well as a huge amount of time and effort. And because every boat has its own local crew and management, there are even more savings on the cards.

About the magical new Navetta model

Everyone loves a Navetta, but this one is extra special. It comes with superb all-purpose capabilities, built-in a respected Italian yard known for its craftsmanship and design, and it just happens to bridge the gap between the best selling Navetta 58 and the Flagship Navetta 73.

This model, the Navetta 68, is lovely and big inside, generously spaced thanks to the open floor plan and featuring superb natural lighting. It comes with all of the innate Italian style and flair you’d expect. The aft galley and forward on deck master layout works perfectly and the Flybridge is absolutely enormous. In fact this model comes with a range of features you usually only find on much bigger boats.

If you’re feeling extra-sociable there’s extra seating and sun-pads on the foredeck and aft cockpit, giving you oodles of space to enjoy. 72 days of leisure every year are yours for less than a million Euros per year, an awesomely good deal for a boat this splendid, a highly desirable yacht that’s comfortable, packed with personality, rugged, and totally at home on the ocean.

Buy a unique 3 in 1 yacht share now

Offers this good rarely last for long. They get snapped us fast. Get in while you can and treat yourself to far-reaching adventures in some of the world’s most desirable places.