Yacht Co-Ownership plus Property Co-Ownership – A Perfect Match!

Luxury yacht co-ownership is great way to own a share in a luxury boat without all the hassle. You buy a part share in a beautiful yacht berthed in your dream location, maybe Africa and the Seychelles, perhaps the Americas and the Caribbean, the Med, Australia and New Zealand, or the Middle East. Then you simply sit back, relax and enjoy your time on board, with or without a crew. The craft is maintained and cared for by a crack team of experts so all you have to do is love the experience. 

So far, so magical! But when Yacht Share Network’s clients started asking us to provide a co-ownership property solution to compliment their fractional yacht, we saw a golden opportunity to create something even more special. In true Yacht Share Network style we saw the benefits, ran with the idea, and www.property-share.net was born. 

Initially we’ve focused on properties near the best marina in Mallorca, the magnificent Puerto Portals, where we currently operate our largest fleet of luxury yachts. At the moment we’re busy exploring beautiful properties in south Florida for 2022, in line with our growing collection of stunning yachts based there. 

So what can you expect from Property Share Network? It works in exactly the same way as yacht share. In a nutshell, we source the holiday home and you own it. You buy a share in the luxury property you’ve chosen and whenever you’re in Mallorca aboard your yacht, you also have a superbly luxurious terrestrial base to enjoy. 

Because we know the island so well, we’ve been able to cherry-pick a range of exceptional holiday homes that fit our clients’ needs perfectly. They’re easy to get to from the airport, close to the best local amenities, and a complete delight to stay in. All you need to do is choose the perfect holiday home and decide how many weeks you’d like to own. 

What about the financial side of things? We create a separate tax efficient Spanish property company (SL) for each holiday home, which ticks all the boxes around local rules and regulations. We handle the paperwork, too. And because, as co-owners, you own the property outright between you, any capital appreciation is yours to share. 

Just like Yacht Share, property share is about delivering maximum pleasure to our clients. We take care of everything from the furnishings, repairs, and utilities to overall property management. You simply turn up and relax. It really is that simple. Our clever ‘fair use’ algorithm takes care of scheduling your time in your holiday home, and our property management app, packed with valuable real-time information, is both simple and completely transparent. 

The end result of all this is a superb second home in the sun, which you own without any of the usual responsibilities and worries. It’s a truly lovely turn-key experience and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our first property share clients on board. Will you be one of them?