Our yacht share app – The more you know, the smoother it’ll go!

Our philosophy is this: the more you know, the smoother it will go. And that’s the fundamental driver behind our fabulous Yacht Share Network app. You’re going to love it.

In short, the app offers yacht co-owners a comprehensive, completely transparent overview of everything to do with their yacht. This means wherever you are in the world, as a co-owner, you’ll have simple, real-time access to information about what’s happening on your yacht, even if it happens to be thousands of miles away.

Buy into a global fleet of superb luxury yachts

Research reveals how powerfully our international yacht swap programme appeals to international buyers. If your global yachting aspirations mean you can’t justify a yacht share in just one place, a place you only want to visit a few times a year, here’s a treat for you. Join in with worldwide yacht share and you effectively buy into a fleet of stunning boats based right across the globe. And that’s what we call an amazing service!

Yacht share app features and benefits

  • A fantastic Usage Selection algorithm that cleverly pro-ratas to your percentage ownership, designed to keep everything scrupulously fair
  • A handy, easy to use Usage Calendar for all co-owners and crew, the ideal way to discover who is due on board and when
  • Seriously useful real-time Financial Reporting of all the costs associated with your yacht
  • An exciting, welcoming, friendly Communication Forum for co-owners to share their thoughts and explore issues
  • An accurate Maintenance Log revealing all the scheduled servicing, both current and future
  • A clear log of all Unscheduled Repairs complete with images, so co-owners can better understand what the crew are doing while the yacht isn’t being used
  • Comprehensive Yacht Documents, showing all the certification and relevant paperwork including the boat’s title and syndicate agreements
  • A beautiful Image Gallery and Video so our co-owners can show their yacht off to guests pre-arrival
  • Cool Global Week Swaps, where our international co-owners can swap their week on their yacht in Mallorca, for example, for a week on any of our yachts worldwide

New feature: Plan your itinerary easily

We have brought in ‘Navigation‘, a planning tool for your adventures. Here you can find details on moorings and ports – making planning your itinerary even easier.

New feature: Best welcome aboard there is!

We have brought you another fabulous way to enhance your stay: You can now book ‘Welcome Packs’ to ensure a smooth start to your trip. All three welcome packs will be ready and waiting for your arrival on board:

Option 1: A welcome pack full of essentials, meaning you won’t need to worry about getting any staples in ready for your trip.

Option 2: A deluxe platter for 2-3 or 4-6 people with a bottle of white or red wine, ready to get your trip off to a great start!

Option 3: Fill up your shopping basket with personally chosen items, get all your favourites sorted ahead of your cruise.

A brave new world filled with even more excitement

When you buy into a yacht share with us, you enter a world that’s a whole lot more varied and thrilling than an ordinary boat share service. If you want the world’s oceans and seas at your fingertips, yacht share with us and you’ll be able to access our app any time you like.